4Having your home damaged due to fire is a traumatic experience. The toll this catastrophe will take on you can be measured in physical loss as well as emotional trauma. It’s surreal and very scary which makes it difficult knowing what to do next.

Physical Damage

When a fire tears through your home it leaves a path of damage and destruction you may never have thought possible. A fire’s temperature can exceed well over 1,200 degrees with this heat causing more damage than the flames themselves. Smoke weaves its way into every available space in your home as well, leaving stains and smells that are difficult to remove.

Coming Home

After the fire has been completely extinguished and you’re allowed to return home, it will be hard to not be heartbroken. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may not be allowed back into your home due structural integrity. To prevent further damage from the fire being put out, you will want to act fast.

Who To Contact

Call your insurance company first. They will talk you through emergency lodging and living expenses. If they aren’t able to provide timely assistance, organizations like the American Red Cross offers assistance with expedited services.

Clean-Up Services

When you contact FLA-CAT for a damage evaluation plan and demolition, we will remove all debris and material affected by the fire. Every area affected by smoke contamination is contained by a thermal fogging and seal coating detoxification process. Any odors will be completely removed from your home.

Emotional Recovery

The resulting trauma of a fire is not an easy thing you can shake off and you’re not expected to. You can work through your anxiety and stress with meditation and deep breathing exercises. Communicate your thoughts with your close friends and family. It’s important that you don’t isolate yourself during such tragedy by taking full-advantage of your support system.


Your property can be replaced and rebuilt. FLA-CAT provides the industry’s best reconstruction team. We’ll return your house back into to the place you called home before the fire. Any part of your home that was damaged can be brought back to its former glory. There is no need stress – we have you covered.

You’re Not Alone

Getting your home back to the way you remember it being is what FLA-CAT does better than anyone else. Don’t let the task at hand seem overwhelming or stressful. As traumatizing as a fire is, we have the resources to return your home to the way it used to be while keeping you stress-free.

If you’ve had a fire emergency or just have some general questions, give FLA-CAT a call. We’re here for you!