Fire Safety Tips for Christmas

Fire Safety Tips for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to relax next to the fire, bundle up with a blanket, and enjoy a nice, warm drink. However, Christmas also comes with many potential fire hazards, which means your Christmas could be ruined if you are not careful! If you want to enjoy your Christmas fully, without having to worry about fire damage in Orlando, be sure to follow these helpful guidelines from the fire repair experts at FLA-CAT.

  • Make sure you buy a fire-retardant tree. Many more people are choosing artificial trees every year, but they can actually be more of a fire hazard than natural trees are. If you buy an artificial tree, make sure it is fire retardant. Furthermore, if you choose a natural tree, make sure it is a healthy one, as unhealthy, dry trees are far more likely to catch on fire.

  • Choose a proper tree placement. Most Christmas tree fires are started when people accidentally place their trees near heat or fire sources such as fireplaces or radiators. To prevent these fires, you simply have to make sure your Christmas tree is placed at least three feet away from any source of fire or heat.

  • Water your tree regularly. If you decide to buy a natural tree, be sure to water it on a regular basis. Doing so ensures that your tree not only stays healthy, but also remains moist. Dry pine needles are a major fire hazard and can easily catch on fire.

  • Use indoor lights only. One mistake that many people make each year is to put outdoor lights on their Christmas trees. These lights are meant to burn brighter, which means they become very hot and can potentially cause Christmas trees to catch on fire.

  • Avoid candles. Even if they make your tree look nice, never use candles to decorate your Christmas tree–whether it is real or fake. Candles are just too much of a fire hazard.

  • Turn off your lights. Make it a habit to turn off your Christmas lights when you go to bed or leave your home. This is fire safety 101, but you would be surprised by how many people damage their homes every year because they forget to turn off their Christmas tree lights.

You can significantly reduce the risk of having your Christmas ruined by an unexpected fire just by following these simple tips. However, if you do run into some fire trouble, you can always contact the fire damage specialists in Orlando at FLA-CAT!

How to Navigate the Insurance World When Disaster Strikes

Most homeowners never expect to have to submit insurance claims when damages occur to their homes, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. Whether it is damage from a flood, a storm, or a fire, it can be an emotional experience that leaves you feeling alone and frustrated. However, by following these guidelines, you can easily work with your insurance company to submit an insurance restoration in Orlando claim for the damage to your home and get back on your feet.

Meet With Your Representative

Submitting a claim sounds easy, but if you’re not exactly sure what you are doing, it can be a difficult process. When submitting a claim, you should try your best to speak with your insurance representative one on one. Having a good relationship with your representative can lead to a better understanding of the entire claim process.

What to Expect

Depending on the amount of damage to your home, you should expect any of the following to happen after you submit your claim:

  • Reimbursement of Living Expenses if Home is Unlivable

  • Removal of Debris When Applicable

  • Reimbursement of Common Household Property Such as TVs and Computers

  • Repairs–Even When Someone Else’s Property Damages Yours

Be Firm

If you initially face a little resistance from your insurance company, you need to be firm with them. Call or meet with your representative on a regular basis to make sure you are being kept up to date on your claim process and that you are submitting all of the required paperwork. It never hurts to be a little assertive, especially if your home has suffered significant damage.

Seek Help

If your claim is rejected, or it is taking too long to process, you need to seek the help of an experienced insurance attorney immediately. He or she can help expedite the entire claims process and will make sure that you receive the money you deserve from your insurance company.

Submitting a home insurance claim can be a difficult process, especially if your home has been damaged significantly by a flood or fire. Nevertheless, as long as you maintain a good relationship with your insurance representative and stay on top of the claims process, you should receive the money to which you are rightfully entitled. If you have any questions about dealing with your insurance company during your home’s restoration process, contact the Orlando insurance restoration experts at FLA-CAT today!

Tips To Help You Avoid a Disastrous Fire During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family and enjoy some home-cooked food, but it is also a time when thousands of families across the United States make costly mistakes that cause needless fire damage to their homes. If you want to avoid Thanksgiving fire damage in Orlando, brush up on your fire-safety cooking tips.

  • Keep a watchful eye. Most kitchen fires are simply caused by people who do not pay attention to what they are doing. It does not matter whether you have done it many times in the past; you should never leave food unattended on your stovetop. This is especially true if you are using a deep fryer to cook your turkey, as they are among the most common fire hazards during the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Always be ready. Even if you are confident in your cooking abilities, it is always a good idea to be prepared. If a fire does happen, you will definitely want to have the proper equipment ready to help put it out. Always know where the fire extinguisher is kept, and if you do not have one, buy one immediately. It’s also important to always keep flammable things away from your stovetop such as paper towels and anything made of plastic.

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Thanksgiving is usually a time when people like to bundle up in comfortable winter clothing, but if you are responsible for cooking, you should still wear short, tight-fitting clothing that will not be at risk of catching fire. You should also tie your hair back if it is long, as you certainly do not want it to catch fire!

  • Keep children out of the kitchen. Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, but if you want to lower the risks of a fire, make sure that younger children stay out of the kitchen. This will not only prevent them from being a distraction, but also keep them from potentially burning themselves.

  • Act quickly if you are burned. If an accident does happen, and you do suffer a burn, put the burned area of your body under cold water for three to five minutes and then apply a soothing ointment. If the burn is any larger than a fist, you should seek medical attention immediately.

By following these tips, you are sure to have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. If you want to learn more tips to avoid fire damage in Orlando, browse through the FLA-CAT blog posts today.

Do you have fire-safety precautions set up in your home? Tell us how many fire extinguishers you have and where you keep them for easy access. We’ll share your tips to help out our other followers.

Home Maintenance Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Purchasing your first home can be an exciting experience, but it can also be an incredibly daunting one. It comes with a lot of responsibility and is a potential lifetime investment. This means you should properly be prepared, especially when it comes to performing standard home maintenance. If you recently purchased your first home, follow these guidelines to try to prevent any major home accidents from occurring:

  • Ensure water drains are properly installed and functioning. Water drains that are not properly set up can lead to significant water damage within a short period of time. Drain water away from the foundation of your home and ensure that no obstructions prevent your drains from working correctly.

  • Regularly inspect your roof. It’s important to inspect your roof for any missing or broken shingles. In addition, you should check your attic for evidence of leaks.

  • Examine your home siding for damage. Whether your home is made of brick, stucco, wood, or any other type of material, you should thoroughly inspect the siding at least twice a year for any type of cracks or separations in its foundation.

  • Check your HVAC system. If you do not take care of your HVAC system, it could potentially cost you thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Be sure to have your unit checked out on a regular basis. This regular maintenance includes keeping the lawn and weeds trimmed, as well as preventing insects from building their homes in or around the unit.

  • Test smoke detectors frequently. Thousands of homeowners deal with fire damage every year, but damages from house fires can be significantly reduced by maintaining your smoke alarms. Check your smoke alarms at least twice a year to make sure they work properly and have fresh batteries.

  • Perform routine home maintenance. Home maintenance includes things such as checking air filters once a month and making sure the moisture-prone areas of your home (such as bathrooms and kitchens) are well-ventilated to prevent mold from growing. You should also use surge protectors to avoid overloading your electrical systems.

By following these tips, you can easily avoid most home disasters that a significant number of homeowners experience every year. If your home does suffer any type of damage from a flood, storm, or fire, you can always depend on FLA-CAT to provide you with outstanding repair services!

Do you have any tips for first-time homeowners? Share your suggestions with us and we’ll share them with our followers.

Toilet Backed Up?

One of the most disgusting and inconvenient things that can happen in your home is a backed up toilet. If you have dealt with this issue before, you know just how frustrating it can be to find out there’s a clog. What causes these backups to happen? You might be surprised to learn that there are multiple reasons a toilet becomes backed up–reasons that go beyond a clogged U-bend. To better prepare yourself for the next time the flush handle produces no flushing results, take a look at these reasons your toilet could be backed up.

Wet Weather: Nature’s Clog

You may be surprised to find that a frequent cause of toilet backups is wet weather. Heavy rain, thunderstorms, and even hurricanes can cause toilet backups if you live in the right (or wrong) area. Clogs occur in wet weather because the sewer systems we use are also built to collect excess rainwater. The grates you see in the streets allow water flow to travel into the sewers, keeping the ground level free of flooding. However, flooding can also happen in smaller and older sewers, causing toilet backups throughout the city.

What May Be Happening

Many different issues can cause an excess of rainwater to create backups in your toilet. The most frequent causes of toilet backups include:

  • Small Sewers. Sewers built for older residences are often smaller than more modern sewers, since the population was often smaller at the time. Some old sewers might be too small to carry everything, causing backups around the area.

  • Blocked Pipes. Clogs in the sewer can affect the rest of the system all the way back to your toilet. Roots, trash, machinery, and other items can find their way into your pipes, making it impossible for the rest of the system to function.

  • Old Pipes. As with all technology, things get old and break, and sewer systems are no exception. Old pipes can collapse or fold in, which can cause buildup or flooding that takes immense effort to fix.

Unclogging Your Toilet
There are a lot of reasons why your toilet could be backed up, and you may not be sure where to start. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with the aftermath on your own. Call FLA-CAT for professional water damage repair in Orlando help.