Restoring Your Business After a Hurricane

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Restoring Your Business After a Hurricane

Restore business after hurricane In addition to the potentially catastrophic damage wreaked by a hurricane, businesses face an additional peril: loss of business. A hurricane can keep businesses closed for weeks during the cleanup and repair process. Even in the event of mild damage, there may be no power for extended periods of time. What can you do to ensure that your business can reopen as soon as possible?

Can Your Business Survive a Hurricane?

One advantage to living in a hurricane-prone area like Florida is that hurricanes are expected, they come around the same time every year, and can be tracked, unlike other types of disasters, which may be complete surprises. It’s easi[..]Read More

Tornado Facts to Help You with Preparedness

Tornado PreparednessTornadoes are violent storms that can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. It may seem that tornadoes come out of the clear sky and cause unpredictable damage, but there are some signs and consistencies that can help you to be more prepared in the event of a tornado. There are also general safety precautions that can be taken so that your home and family are safer if a tornado strikes.

Every State Has Tornado Risks

Tornadoes are generally associated with the Midwest, so many homeowners on the East coast feel that tornadoes are not a concern. This false sense of security can be destructive if a tornado does occur. Tornadoes occur in response to incr[..]Read More

Tips for Protecting Your Business during a Hurricane

Hurricane ProtectionPeople in Florida are no strangers to stormy weather. Thunderstorms can be a daily occurrence and heavy rain and lightning do not really pose much of an inconvenience to Floridians. However, hurricane season often brings with it a touch of concern even for the most seasoned of storm veterans from early June to late November. During this period of potentially devastating storms, it is imperative to provide adequate protection and planning to preserve your business. Here are some tips to ensure that your business is protected during a hurricane.

Have an Official Emergency PlanRead More

Recovering From Commercial Building Storm Damage

Every moment counts when you are recovering from commercial building storm damage. Here in Florida, violent, damaging winds and storms can come at us seemingly out of nowhere, particularly early in the year and during the hurricane season. They can bring with them torrential rains and lightning that can ruin whole electrical systems.

Most commercial buildings, of course, rely on their electrical supply in order to perform the simplest business tasks. Others, however, demand it to preserve perishables like food or medicines or to secure computers and data. Structural damage to roofs and walls caused by high winds, in addition, can lead to devastating water damage, which can then lead to the growth of mold and bacteria if not tackled promptly.

Recoveri[..]Read More

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