Handicap Accessibility Modifications That Could Help in a Disaster

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Handicap Accessibility Modifications That Could Help in a Disaster

Home Accessibility Modifications Living with a physical handicap that affects mobility is difficult, but can present real challenges if a disaster strikes. While family members or home care workers may be able to help with daily needs, handicap accessibility modifications can provide greater independence on a daily basis and can be invaluable in case of emergency. The following are a few handicap accessibility modifications that may be of great value to those with a physical handicap in times of disaster.

Ceiling Mounted Lifts

Ceiling mounted lifts can help wheelchair bound individuals transition from the bed, bath, couch, or chair, to the wheelchair. The[..]Read More

Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

Emergency Preparedness DisabilitiesFor those with disabilities that affect mobility, fires, floods, and other disasters can pose a serious threat. Evacuating a building and seeking shelter is a little more difficult when there are mobility aids involved. Creating a plan and taking steps to ensure preparedness can save lives and prevent injuries, especially when individuals with mobility issues are involved.

Preparing the Home

Home modifications like wheelchair lifts, ramps, home elevators, and keyless door locks can be helpful on a daily basis for people that use wheelchairs, crutches, or canes to move around, but these modifications can become life savers in the c[..]Read More

Barriers to Home Modification

Home Modification BarriersAs medical and technological advances continue to accelerate, many people are now able to retain more of their independence at lower costs than available in the past. Home modification is the process of modifying the home in order to allow for more accessibility for those who would otherwise need assistance. However, despite the increases in functionality and the decreases in costs, many barriers to home modification still exist. Some of these barriers are more easily overcome than others but there are many effective resources available regarding the home modificat[..]Read More

The Value of Keeping Seniors in the Home

AARP reports, now that the baby boomer generation has reached retirement age, approximately 8,000 individuals will turn 65 every day for the next fifteen years. As this generation grows older and lives longer, we are learning more and more about health and well-being in the senior years--and many studies show that aging adults who stay in their own homes, or at home with loved ones, find greater satisfaction, well-being, and better health as they age.

In fact, a study by AARP found that 71% of surveyed Americans “strongly agreed” that they wanted to stay in their homes as long as possible--a trend AARP calls “aging in place.” As our aging loved ones live longer, many people find themselves needing to make household accommodations to help make that desire a rea[..]Read More

Home Modification for Better Accessibility by Florida Catastrophe Corporation

Individuals with physical limitations or severe injuries know that even the simplest task can become a major challenge. Accessibility to certain rooms or places in your home can become hindered or even impossible. This causes everyday tasks to become more difficult and lessens a person’s independence.

We all want our independence, even if we are injured or have physical limitations. Unfortunately, for many individuals, independence is not possible; or so you think. Home modification provided by Florida Catastrophe Corp. (FLA-CAT) can make maneuvering through your home much easier. In the end, that means you will gain more independence.

Florida home modification can come in many forms to meet [..]Read More

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