4 Tips for Protecting your Building from Flooding

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4 Tips for Protecting your Building from Flooding

Protect FloodOf all of the types of natural disasters, floods can be the most potentially devastating to a home or business. The most optimal solution to avoiding flood damage is to ensure that the house is built in such a way that water flows down from it rather than pooling up around it. However, for most people, simply moving their house to a more elevated area is not an option. There are several other steps that may be taken to reduce the risk of flooding and water damage to your home. While some of these tips may require a lot of effort, money, or time, many of these tips are simple solutions that anyone can do[..]Read More

Toilet Backed Up?

One of the most disgusting and inconvenient things that can happen in your home is a backed up toilet. If you have dealt with this issue before, you know just how frustrating it can be to find out there’s a clog. What causes these backups to happen? You might be surprised to learn that there are multiple reasons a toilet becomes backed up--reasons that go beyond a clogged U-bend. To better prepare yourself for the next time the flush handle produces no flushing results, take a look at these reasons your toilet could be backed up.

Wet Weather: Nature’s Clog

You may be surprised to find that a frequent cause of toilet backups is wet weather. Heavy rain, thunderstorms, and even hurricanes can cause toilet backups if you live in the [..]Read More

How Flood Damage Repair in Orlando Can Help You

Have the rains been falling down heavily, leaving you with multiple water leaks throughout your home? Perhaps your toilets have been overflowing and your house and carpet is starting to pay for it. Flood damage repair in Orlando is important for anyone who finds their home overcome by water. Water causes significant damage, whether its from plumbing issues, toilet flooding, or natural disasters.

When May You Need Flood Damage Repair in Orlando?

Storms are one of the main reasons for flood damage. With heavy rains or hurricanes hitting Florida often, one can imagine that at some point or another, you will need flood damage repair. Damaged roofs cause leaks, leading to further in-home[..]Read More

How Regular Inspections Can Help You Avoid Water Damage

Serious water damage is a homeowner’s biggest fears. For people who live in apartments and condos, there could be legal issues involved as well--after all, if your floor suffers significant water damage, your neighbor’s ceiling may also have been destroyed. However, water damage in Orlando is often completely avoidable with regular inspections.

Don’t live in fear of coming home to a house that has been flooded, leaving you with thousands of dollars of damage. Keep an eye on all of your home’s appliances that use water and make sure they’re inspected regularly to avoid water damage in Orlando. Here are a few that should be inspected regularly:

Your Washing MachineRead More

Common Causes of Water Damage

5Water damage in Orlando can happen to any homeowner or business owner. When it does, it can be devastating. Not only does the water cause destruction to your property, but the cleanup can also be very dangerous and extensive. Prevention is the most effective way to minimize water damage. Let FLA-CAT give you some ideas on how to prevent the three most common types of water damage.


Water damage most commonly occurs because of leaky plumbing. Water damag[..]Read More

How to Prevent Water Damage in Orlando

If you are like most Americans, your home is your biggest investment, and you want to protect it from both natural and man-made hazards. Water damage in Orlando is one of the biggest threats to American homes. While storms, hurricanes, and floods can cause significant water damage, water can also enter your property via broken pipes, leaky dishwashers, overflowing washing machines, and cracks in the foundation or roof.

Not only does water corrode your home’s drywall, baseboards, and overall foundation, but it can ruin your furniture, upholstery, appliances, and electronics. Statistics reveal that 37% of homeowners claim monetary losses due to water damage. Experts from the insurance industry a[..]Read More

How to Save Furniture After a Flood

When your home is devastated by a flood, your situation can seem hopeless. You may think that all your furniture is ruined, but the experts at FLA-CAT are here to tell you that all is not lost. You can save your furniture and your home! Whether your furniture has been in the family for years, passed down from generation to generation, or maybe it’s something you’ve worked hard to obtain--whatever it is, we understand that some furnishings are irreplaceable.

After a flood, you may want to go in your home and start salvaging furniture and other possessions immediately. This is a mistake! First, it's important to make sure your home is safe before re-entering. Flooding can weaken floors and walls and make them unstable, creating an even more dangerous environment. Pr[..]Read More

Ways to Avoid a House Flood

Homeowners should always prepare for the natural disasters that could affect their area. Knowing the common sources in your region is important. In Florida, flooding can occur at any time due to natural or unnatural causes. It’s important to be ready for things you can account for, like the summer rains, and to prevent and counter the things you can control, like your in-home plumbing.

First, find out the type of house and foundation you have. Depending on the materials used to build your home, the strength of the walls and their vulnerability to water damage may vary. By the same token, the type of foundation supporting your structure will impact the methods you use to protect your home. Your house may be better suited to dry flood-proofing techniques, like coating[..]Read More

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