Your Home Fell Victim to a Flood: Now What?

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Your Home Fell Victim to a Flood: Now What?

When your home suffers from a flood, the situation can at first be overwhelming. Not many homeowners are readily prepared to handle an emergency that can cause such widespread damage. No matter the cause of the flood, whether it be a burst pipe, or a natural disaster, it is mandatory that you follow these instructions to have the flood cleaned and repaired swiftly, at the right price, and most importantly, as safely as possible.

  • File a Claim: The very first step you should take is to call your homeowner’s insurance agent and file a claim for flood damage. This will ensure that all processes involved, from emergency repairs to the damage restoration in the future, will go through your insurance, preventing any costly oversight in payment.

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How Water Damage Restoration Can Limit Your Losses

If your home has incurred water damage due to a leaky pipe, overflowing bathtub, natural disaster or by any other means, it is vital that you have the water cleaned up as soon as possible. Water can cause significant structural damage to your property or cause mold growth if it’s not dealt with quickly and efficiently. Mold can actually start growing in your home and on your personal belongings in as little as 24 hours.

Work With Professionals

While you may be tempted to start cleaning up the water damage on your own, this can be extremely dangerous. First of all, water that is grey or black in color could be toxic and if you are not wearing the proper protective [..]Read More

Why Hurricane and Flood Insurance is Important for Florida Residents

Florida is right in the path of many storms during hurricane season. The season, which lasts a number of months, can be a very stressful time for anyone residing in the sunshine state. To be sure that your property and your loved ones are as safe as possible, you need to get the right kind of hurricane and flood insurance for your area. This can protect you during a worst-case scenario.

Hurricane Insurance is Vital

Hurricanes are violent weather patterns that can easily damage your property. Houses have been completely destroyed by the powerful winds that hurricanes create, forcing people to rebuild or move.

Hurricane insurance gives you the appropriate coverage if this does occurs. Although it can be a horrible exp[..]Read More

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