5Water damage in Orlando can happen to any homeowner or business owner. When it does, it can be devastating. Not only does the water cause destruction to your property, but the cleanup can also be very dangerous and extensive. Prevention is the most effective way to minimize water damage. Let FLA-CAT give you some ideas on how to prevent the three most common types of water damage.


Water damage most commonly occurs because of leaky plumbing. Water damage from leaky plumbing can cause hidden, long-term damage by rotting through the timber or dry wall under your pipes. The quicker you deal with a leak, the less damage you will have. If you suspect you have a leak, you can check your water usage through your meter. To check your water usage, turn off the meter to your home and take a reading. Wait a couple of hours, and do not use any water during this time. Then, check the reading again. It should not have changed. If it has, you may have a leak.

Other signs of leaks are a higher-than-usual water bill, water in places it shouldn’t be, and discoloration on your walls, floor, or ceiling where the pipes run. You may also see mold or mildew. If you can’t find the leak, you may need to contact a plumber. Most importantly, do not try to clean it up yourself.

Sewer Line Failure

The second most common cause of water damage in Orlando is sewer line failure. Your residential property is probably connected to your town’s sewer system by one main line. Roots and deterioration can damage this line, causing water to back up into your home. If you discover that your sewer is not flowing properly, call a plumber before it worsens. A plumber can tell you if the problem has occurred because of blockage in your pipes or blockage in the main line.

Burst Pipe

Another common form of water damage occurs as a result of burst pipes. Deterioration of pipes, or even freezing (although it is uncommon in Florida) can cause pipes to burst. Have your pipes inspected and regularly check places that could corrode. If you have older pipes, one of the main reasons they burst is due to high pressure. You can install a valve to help reduce pressure, or you can replace the plumbing. Concrete adds pressure to pipe lines, so do not lay it over your water lines.

Call an Expert

If you experience water damage in Orlando for any reason, call your insurance company first. Then, contact the water damage repair specialists at FLA-CAT for quick and professional service. Keep your family safe and get your home back to normal while FLA-CAT does the work.
What other common causes of water damage do Floridians experience? Join the conversation and tell us what you think. We’ll give you suggestions for how to avoid your suggested cause.