OC Convention Ctr (5)After your home has been subjected to a catastrophe, you may hear many misconceptions about the restoration procedure. However, don’t believe everything you’re told, unless it’s coming from a specialized expert in insurance restoration in Florida.

The FLA-CAT professional team of restoration experts can recognize misconceptions and misinformation in order to prioritize mitigation so that the expense accompanying damage after a disaster stays low. Mitigation stops further damage when it is performed quickly. This helps keep restoration costs lower. You do need to call a restoration expert quickly, within 24 hours or less, when your property experiences damage.

Misconception #1: Replacement or Salvage

A very common misconception is that replacing is more inexpensive than recovery. When you clean up water or smoke damage and prevent further loss, you actually save more of your property. If you delay action, not only do you have hundreds of dollars in cleaning, but you’ll also have thousands of dollars in restoration. The FLA-CAT restoration experts understand how to remove the contaminants that are harmful to your health, as well as how to keep water damage contained.

Misconception #2: Carpet Cleaning

Another misconception is that cleaning carpet causes them to get dirty more quickly. Although this was true in the past, with updated equipment, methods, and cleaners, this is no longer the case. Older carpet cleaning equipment leaves soap deposits on your carpet which does attract dust and dirt. If your insurance restoration company uses modern and efficient equipment, this should not be a concern.

Misconception #3: Smoke Damage

There is a misconception that smoke damage causes a permanent smell in the building, so there is no point in rushing the clean-up. This is completely false. Although odor elimination can take time, it is possible when the restoration company uses the proper tools. The restoration company needs to make sure that every area is cleaned and deodorized, and where applicable, sealed. Quick action to neutralize odors is very effective when done properly.

When it comes to mitigation and restoration, a professional company is your best choice. They stay up-to-date with the most current and effective techniques for clean-up and restoration, and they have the tools to measure moisture levels.

If you require the services of a professional insurance restoration company in Florida, call the professionals at FLA-CAT and request a quote. Our specialists work with you and your insurance company to mitigate your damages after a catastrophe. When it’s possible, we will salvage your property.

Can you think of any other common misconceptions regarding restoration? Share your ideas with us–we’d love to share other misconceptions with our followers. If you have a question regarding the restoration procedure, feel free to ask in the comments below–our goal is to keep the public informed and educated about the restoration process.