wood floor extensionPlanning to have a house renovation? You’ve decided to occupy the extra lot you already have which is located just beside your house? Because of this, you have an additional floor space that needs to be extended as well. If you have an existing wood type of flooring, you should have an initial design of how it will look like and who to call to do this kind of work. It is not an easy job to find materials for this type of flooring. A professional and experienced team should be chosen to do this so as to maintain the quality of output you required. Also to have an outcome as durable, lasting, and solid as your previous flooring materials do.

Here are some Wood flooring extensions you should take into consideration:

Current type of wood flooring that you have.

Do you plan to continue using the same type of wood for the extension area that you intend to have? Or discard it completely since you have a proposed design specifically for that area alone?

Variety of Wood material to choose from.

Do an initial research on the variety of wood material that you like to be used for your floor extension. With this on hand, you can already propose it to the contractor so that the time allotted for the job will be shortened. You can give them options on what variety of wood you prefer for them to use. It should be agreed by you and the contractor for smooth implementation of the job. Some variety of wood that can be used, depending on your specifications and material availability, are:

  • Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Ash

Customer-friendly hired contractor.

Upon meeting with the prospective contractor, you can already gauge if they are the type to overprice you or be open with you regarding the materials and its corresponding prices. By looking at their estimates, you can weigh which contractor you will choose to do the work extensions for you. You should also discuss the terms of payment and what mode are you going to pay them. Will it be in cash or in check deposited directly to their account?

Molds-free flooring materials to be used.

The flooring of our houses should be given extra care for it to last. If molds can easily form in it, it will surely attract other damp-living microorganisms. They can cause for your flooring to sag and if not given an immediate attention it will totally be consumed by molds and it will rot then will lead to damage. It will not already be for restoration but replacement of your floorings. Your contractor should install a kind of wood material that is already Treated against termites, molds-forming organisms insects, and other pests that can infect it. The wood should also be treated with chemical solutions for it to last longer and stay durable for a long time.

By taking in these considerations, you are ensuring the return of your hard-earned money and also for the safety of your family. Giving your children not only a beautiful house but also a lasting one, until they can call it their own home, because they grew up and stayed happy living in it.