The Florida disaster recovery experts at FLA-CAT understand that a good disaster recovery plan is just like an insurance policy. It contains a process of steps and procedures that business owners and homeowners can take to get back on their feet after facing a disaster of some kind.

What to Plan For

Generally, there are three types of disasters to plan for:

  • Man-Made Disasters: Man-made disasters usually include technological hazards and sociological disasters.

  • Natural Disasters: Natural disasters include things like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires.

  • Environmental Disasters: Environmental disasters are usually the direct result of human activity such as nuclear radiation.

If your disaster recovery plan does not include preparation for these three things, even the smallest type of disaster can leave you feeling unprepared and helpless. A successful disaster recovery plan places significant focus on disaster prevention and can help minimize the effects a disaster may have on your home or place of business.

Where Do I Start?

First and foremost, whether you are preparing a disaster recovery plan for your business or your home, you should have the following on hand:

  • Emergency contacts

  • Backup plans in case of phone or internet failure

  • Evacuation routes

A good place to start when developing your recovery plan once these things have been determined is to list the potential disasters that threaten your area and the likelihood of them occurring. It’s crucial while developing your plan that you take preventative, detective, and corrective measures to ensure the safety of your home, business, family, and employees.

Other important things to consider when developing your disaster recovery plan include:

  • Developing and practicing an emergency drill so everyone knows what to do if disaster should strike.

  • Determine safe locations to meet should anyone get separated.

  • Consider investing in alternative forms of communication, like walkie-talkies and radios.

Appropriate plans vary widely, depending on things such as the level of security needed, processes involved, and whether or not you are preparing a recovery plan for your home or business.

By the Numbers

According to one disaster recovery website, only about half of the companies in the US report having a disaster recovery plan in place. Out of the ones that do have a disaster recovery plan, only half of those companies have ever even tested their plans. FLA-CAT understands the importance of disaster recovery plans and hopes to see these numbers rise soon.

When disaster strikes, we want you to have a recovery plan in place that will get everything back to normal as soon as possible. If you want to ensure that you have a solid recovery plan that will guarantee the survival or your home or business, and for more information regarding Florida disaster recovery sources and insurance restoration, contact FLA-CAT today or visit their website.