Fire is one of the scariest and most damaging forces than can erupt within your business or home. Emotional, financial, and physical damages all accompany a fire. However, if you have suffered from fire damage, Florida Catastrophe Corporation (FLA-CAT) is here to provide professional and efficient fire damage repair in Orlando.

After a fire, it is imperative to being the cleaning and restoration process immediately. Any delay in action can lead to a worsening of the existing damage, and a potential increase in smoke, water, soot, and odor damage.

The FLA-CAT fire damage repair and restoration process in Orlando includes the following steps:

  • Damage Evaluation – We will closely investigate and evaluate the extent, type, and manner of your fire damage and come up with a specific and personalized plan to repair and restore your property. Our services are always efficient and affordable.

  • Demolition – We will carefully and thoroughly demolish and remove all damaged and contaminated property and debris. Our safe and efficient demolition methods will ensure speedy and contained removal of all dangerous debris and garbage.

  • Odor Removal and Control – Smoke, rot, and gas all contribute to the horrible and often dangerous odor left behind after a fire. FLA-CAT will detoxify and seal all damaged areas to remove and contain odors. We use a special thermal fogging technique to purify the air and keep it safe from harmful gases.

  • Repair and Restore – The final step in our fire damage repair process is repair and restoration. Our knowledgeable and experienced restoration team will go above and beyond to repair and restore your home or business.

The fire damage repair team at FLA-CAT is made up of dedicated and experienced professionals, committed to providing the most affordable and effective fire damage repair services possible. No matter what type of fire, be it electrical, gas, grease, wood, or plastic, we are here to help. We can be counted on to repair existing damage, prevent further destruction, and restore your property.

When your home or business is damaged by fire, call FLA-CAT for affordable, professional, and effective fire damage repair in Orlando. We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guide you through this difficult time.