Christmas is the perfect time to relax next to the fire, bundle up with a blanket, and enjoy a nice, warm drink. However, Christmas also comes with many potential fire hazards, which means your Christmas could be ruined if you are not careful! If you want to enjoy your Christmas fully, without having to worry about fire damage in Orlando, be sure to follow these helpful guidelines from the fire repair experts at FLA-CAT.

  • Make sure you buy a fire-retardant tree. Many more people are choosing artificial trees every year, but they can actually be more of a fire hazard than natural trees are. If you buy an artificial tree, make sure it is fire retardant. Furthermore, if you choose a natural tree, make sure it is a healthy one, as unhealthy, dry trees are far more likely to catch on fire.

  • Choose a proper tree placement. Most Christmas tree fires are started when people accidentally place their trees near heat or fire sources such as fireplaces or radiators. To prevent these fires, you simply have to make sure your Christmas tree is placed at least three feet away from any source of fire or heat.

  • Water your tree regularly. If you decide to buy a natural tree, be sure to water it on a regular basis. Doing so ensures that your tree not only stays healthy, but also remains moist. Dry pine needles are a major fire hazard and can easily catch on fire.

  • Use indoor lights only. One mistake that many people make each year is to put outdoor lights on their Christmas trees. These lights are meant to burn brighter, which means they become very hot and can potentially cause Christmas trees to catch on fire.

  • Avoid candles. Even if they make your tree look nice, never use candles to decorate your Christmas tree–whether it is real or fake. Candles are just too much of a fire hazard.

  • Turn off your lights. Make it a habit to turn off your Christmas lights when you go to bed or leave your home. This is fire safety 101, but you would be surprised by how many people damage their homes every year because they forget to turn off their Christmas tree lights.

You can significantly reduce the risk of having your Christmas ruined by an unexpected fire just by following these simple tips. However, if you do run into some fire trouble, you can always contact the fire damage specialists in Orlando at FLA-CAT!