Where there is smoke, there is fire. That old saying does not always hold true. Quite often, there are hidden fire dangers that remain unseen, even when there is no smoke. By the time the smoke becomes evident to you, the fire may have developed beyond a manageable state.

Electricity: Friend and Foe

In most homes or businesses, electricity is at the root of accidental fires. Appliances plugged into the wall outlet are the most obvious danger, but a more subtle cause is electrical wiring. Your home or office has hundreds of feet of electrical wiring, all hidden behind walls. Although, today’s construction standards require electrical wiring have sheathing–usually plastic–it does not take much to pierce that thin plastic shield.

Something as innocent as a nail or screw driven into your wall when you are hanging a picture can accidentally penetrate your wiring. This, in turn, causes a potential fire hazard. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical fires account for more than 50,000 home fires each year, resulting in over one billion dollars in property damage.

Electrical wall outlets themselves are also a likely suspect in hidden fire danger. When a plug enters into the wall outlet, the blades must be tight fitting. A loose connection between blade and socket is a perfect place for sufficient heat to build up to cause an accidental fire.

Check Your Laundry Room

Another possible cause of hidden fires is in your laundry room. All clothes dryers build up lint in the process of drying your clothing. While you may regularly clean your dryer’s lint trap, that may not be enough to safeguard your home from a hidden fire mishap. Lint also accumulates inside the dryer cabinet, where the heating elements are located. Once there is enough build-up of lint in this area, those heating elements can ignite the lint, and that hidden fire potential becomes a reality.

Some of your more obvious household appliances can also be a hidden fire danger. Laptop computers, for instance, have a tendency to get hot while operating. If these devices are located in places without proper ventilation, and around combustible materials such as bedding, clothing, or pillows, it is possible for the computer to ignite those materials.

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