When your home suffers from a flood, the situation can at first be overwhelming. Not many homeowners are readily prepared to handle an emergency that can cause such widespread damage. No matter the cause of the flood, whether it be a burst pipe, or a natural disaster, it is mandatory that you follow these instructions to have the flood cleaned and repaired swiftly, at the right price, and most importantly, as safely as possible.

  • File a Claim: The very first step you should take is to call your homeowner’s insurance agent and file a claim for flood damage. This will ensure that all processes involved, from emergency repairs to the damage restoration in the future, will go through your insurance, preventing any costly oversight in payment.

  • Check for Damage: Do not re-enter your home before checking for any structural damage. If necessary, contact a building inspector and schedule a full inspection. Without following this vital step of the process, you risk your safety with a possible structural collapse, as water damage is among the most crippling to buildings and their foundations.

  • Avoid ALL Electricity: Do not use any electrical appliances or engage the power main in your home until it has been inspected and verified as safe for use by a professional electrician. Extensive flood damage can make the home a very dangerous environment. Water damage restoration experts can aid in assessing the degree of damage a flood has caused the electrical system within your home.

  • Provide Evidence: Before beginning any cleanup process, you should photograph all visible damage to your home and property, capturing every issue that will require restoration or replacement. Your insurance company may also have an inspection where they will take their own photographic evidence, but having your own set of backup evidence may be needed in the future when dealing with them.

  • Use Caution With Water: Flood damage affects not only the building, but the surrounding sewage and plumbing systems as well. Until your local authorities rule that your running water is safe for consumption, all water used in the home should be treated either by boiling or water purification tablets.

  • Begin Damage Restoration: Take steps to begin the restoration process as soon as possible to avoid further structural damage to your home, thereby keeping costs at a minimum.

Following these instructions will keep your family safe while restoring your home to its pristine state. If your home has been involved in a flood, contact the Florida water damage restoration experts at FLA-CAT by visiting our website.