You’ve reached a decision.  You want to do something to your home.  You want to make a change, and you’ve started researching different home improvement contractors.  The thing is, you have come across two different terms, and you’re not sure about which one applies to you.  Are you thinking about a Florida kitchen or bath remodel?  Or are you considering renovations?  What’s the difference?  You could easily argue that they’re basically the same thing, they are both home improvements. This is right and wrong. Both are home improvements, but there are key differences between a remodel and a renovation.

Why the Distinction is Important

First, it’s important to underscore the difference before hiring a contractor. It has to do with the scope of the change you’re looking to do.  In other words, what and how much will the contractor actually change? Below is a run through of the key differences between a remodel and a renovation, which is intended to help you determine what type of home improvement experts you need.

The Scale of the Change

  • Remodel – Remodeling is a lot more comprehensive than a renovation. It often involves changing the layout of a room or home, which can require moving walls, changing floor plans, making new installations, and much more. Remodeling goes deep into the core structure of your home, and depending on your home’s condition, it can be detrimental if the structure isn’t able to support all the changes.  Before any type of remodel, a thorough investigation of your home’s basic condition is needed to ensure remodeling plans are realistic.

  • Renovation – A renovation can change the look and feel of a home, but it doesn’t require major structural changes.  Instead, a renovation improves the appearance of your home through external means.  For instance, redecorating walls, refinishing all your woodwork, and changing fixtures can update your home without thorough investigation or the need to spend a lot of money.

The Required Labor

  • Remodel – A remodel is challenging, because it requires more physical labor than a renovation. Walls have to be moved, old floors pulled up, new ones installed, and new appliances need to be brought in—all of which require a lot of manpower.

  • Renovation – Renovations are delicate. Refinishing woodwork and painting walls require a steady hand and patience. Renovations don’t require as much manpower but its’ still important to conduct a complete investigation of your home beforehand.  It’s also important to find the best way to treat your home’s interior, while at the same time, doing it in the most cost-effective way.

If you’re interested in doing some Florida kitchen or bath remodeling to your kitchen or bath, contact the experts at FLA-CAT. From basic room addition, to simple cabinetry work, the FLA-CAT team has the expertise and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently.