Kitchen remodeling is a major project. The average high-end kitchen makeover costs over $53,000. With the potential high cost of a remodel, you want to make the most of your investment and its longevity. To ensure that you’re happy with the end result of your Florida kitchen remodel, purchase high-quality materials and pick styles that are timeless not trendy.

Before taking the first steps towards kitchen remodeling, you must assess why you want to remodel your kitchen in the first place. Are you selling your home and looking to increase its value? Is your kitchen old, outdated, and in dire need of an update? This decision will help you decide whether functionality or aesthetic is more important to you and how to efficiently tackle your remodeling project.

Although tempting, trendy modifications fall out of style within a few years. Eventually, you will want to try another modification to keep up with the trends. To make things simpler for you, here is a list of kitchen remodel trends to avoid.

Trend #1: Colorful Additions

On today’s market we see a lot of white, black, and even red appliances. While these may add character and a splash of color to your kitchen, color trends fade quicker than most. Stainless steel is now considered a staple in kitchen appliance color and will be popular for years to come.

It’s also a great idea to pick neutral colors for your kitchen walls. White, off-white or beige are the safest choices, especially when selling your home. These colors will make your kitchen more appealing and home-like. Wall tile may be trendy, but it is very hard to keep clean and repair when damaged.

Trend #2: Appliance Garages

Most people own a number of small kitchen appliances; from a blender, to a juicer, a coffee grinder, to a coffee maker, and everything else in between. Consumers nowadays have one appliance for each task in the kitchen.

Due to the abundance of kitchen appliances, appliance garages have made a comeback. But just like they faded out of style in the past, they eventually will do so again. It’s much better to invest in more counter space or a larger pantry with additional shelves. Not everyone has multitudes of appliances, but those who do will still have the counters or pantry to store them. For those who don’t, ample counter space is a much more attractive detail for buyers when selling your home.

Trend #3: Farmhouse Sinks

Large rectangular sinks that look like they came from a barn were all the rage back in 2011-2012 for their quirky charm. But they faded just as quickly as they become popular. Pretty much no one requests a farmhouse sink anymore.

Trend #4: Small Kitchen Add-ons

These add-ons include built-in nooks for mixers, phones, tissue dispensers, and the like. Many times these nooks and places to put small items are forgotten and rarely used. Most people have their phones in the living room, bedroom, or they just a have a cell phone. Consumers go through so much tissue that it’s a hassle to always change the holder.

Where to Go for the Best Kitchen Remodel Estimation

As you can see, many of these trends are temporary. It’s always best to go simple and classic. Invest in ample space rather than special nooks and appliances.

If you reside in the state of Florida and are looking to remodel your kitchen contact FLA-CAT, or Florida Catastrophe Corporation, for a risk-free, no-cost estimate.