Mold Damage

Molds have the potential to cause serious health problems. They produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, toxic substances (mycotoxins). Exposure to mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions. These may include hay fever symptoms, sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash (dermatitis). Allergic reactions to mold are common. They can be immediate or delayed. Please don’t allow your loved ones to be exposed to these ailments.


The first step to proper mold remediation is to thoroughly analyze the type and extent of the problem. Sampling will be collected to identify specific fungal contaminants. If an active leak is present, the original source of the water damage must be located and stopped in order to proceed with the remediation process.


The purpose of containment during remediation activities is to limit the release of mold spores into the air and immediate surroundings.


Contaminated materials that cannot be remediated must be sealed and removed from the building to prevent further contamination.


Prior to reconstruction, all areas will be certified by an independent industrial hygienist. After certified clearing, FLA-CAT will be able to reconstruct the area and provide a safe, clean space for your family or employees