Most homeowners never expect to have to submit insurance claims when damages occur to their homes, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. Whether it is damage from a flood, a storm, or a fire, it can be an emotional experience that leaves you feeling alone and frustrated. However, by following these guidelines, you can easily work with your insurance company to submit an insurance restoration in Orlando claim for the damage to your home and get back on your feet.

Meet With Your Representative

Submitting a claim sounds easy, but if you’re not exactly sure what you are doing, it can be a difficult process. When submitting a claim, you should try your best to speak with your insurance representative one on one. Having a good relationship with your representative can lead to a better understanding of the entire claim process.

What to Expect

Depending on the amount of damage to your home, you should expect any of the following to happen after you submit your claim:

  • Reimbursement of Living Expenses if Home is Unlivable

  • Removal of Debris When Applicable

  • Reimbursement of Common Household Property Such as TVs and Computers

  • Repairs–Even When Someone Else’s Property Damages Yours

Be Firm

If you initially face a little resistance from your insurance company, you need to be firm with them. Call or meet with your representative on a regular basis to make sure you are being kept up to date on your claim process and that you are submitting all of the required paperwork. It never hurts to be a little assertive, especially if your home has suffered significant damage.

Seek Help

If your claim is rejected, or it is taking too long to process, you need to seek the help of an experienced insurance attorney immediately. He or she can help expedite the entire claims process and will make sure that you receive the money you deserve from your insurance company.

Submitting a home insurance claim can be a difficult process, especially if your home has been damaged significantly by a flood or fire. Nevertheless, as long as you maintain a good relationship with your insurance representative and stay on top of the claims process, you should receive the money to which you are rightfully entitled. If you have any questions about dealing with your insurance company during your home’s restoration process, contact the Orlando insurance restoration experts at FLA-CAT today!