Orlando is notorious for severe tropical storms that cause severe damage to homes and businesses. Even smaller storms have the potential to cause damage with falling tree limbs, wind damage, and water damage. When unexpected storm damage in Orlando leaves your home or business in a devastating mess, FLA-CAT is here for you. FLA-CAT offers responsive, expert service that will return your life to normal with as little hassle as possible.

How It Works

Our goal is to repair your storm-damaged property efficiently so that you can get back to enjoying everyday life. After your property has suffered storm damage, a FLA-CAT team will arrive to perform an immediate damage assessment. This assessment allows us to lower the risk of additional damage and the resulting higher restoration costs.

Once the storm damage has been assessed, the following phase is the demolition process–if necessary. The goal of demolition is to remove all damaged or contaminated debris from the property to avoid future problems, ultimately saving you precious time and money.


Once the damage has been assessed and cleared away, it is time for the reconstruction process to begin. The goal here is to get your home or business back to where it was before the storm damage occurred and to make your property look and feel as good as new.

Being the victim of Orlando storm damage is never an easy task. Everything you have worked so hard for over the years can be taken away in an instant, and rebuilding that which you have lost can be a difficult process that few have the strength to endure. FLA-CAT is here to make one of the most difficult moments of your life go by more easily, without you having to worry about more than you need to. Lighten the stressful burden of storm damage by letting the professionals at FLA-CAT help you.

If you have fallen victim to storm damage in Orlando, contact FLA-CAT today for an estimate on your home or business and start getting things back to normal.