Every moment counts when you are recovering from commercial building storm damage. Here in Florida, violent, damaging winds and storms can come at us seemingly out of nowhere, particularly early in the year and during the hurricane season. They can bring with them torrential rains and lightning that can ruin whole electrical systems.

Most commercial buildings, of course, rely on their electrical supply in order to perform the simplest business tasks. Others, however, demand it to preserve perishables like food or medicines or to secure computers and data. Structural damage to roofs and walls caused by high winds, in addition, can lead to devastating water damage, which can then lead to the growth of mold and bacteria if not tackled promptly.

Recovering from commercial building storm damage is not something that can wait. The longer it takes, the more it will cost the business in down time, particularly for those businesses that are unprepared and lack a storm emergency plan.

Most storm restoration companies are on call to bring their catastrophe recovery services to the location as quickly as possible, often as little as one hour after they are contacted. They can detect even the tiniest hint of a mold infestation, which can cause additional devastation with the added cost of remediation and the removal of infected equipment and materials.

Stay Up to Date With Storm Recovery Technology

Storm damage restoration techniques continue to be modernized and the best recovery companies will stay abreast of the newest and most effective technologies. These can include:

  • Moisture mapping with infrared cameras

  • Truck-mounted water extraction

  • High volume dehumidifiers and air movers

  • Temperature and humidity monitors

Once any water is removed and the area is dried, the restoration team will move on to perform a thorough examination of what is needed to clean up the damaged section so it can return to service. For example, carpeting and padding that had to be removed during the water removal activity may be dried and returned to its location if not severely damaged.

All the equipment and furnishings will have to be reviewed for damage and to see if it can be returned to work. In the meantime, structural specialists can inspect any damage to the building itself and schedule the needed repairs. In fact, depending on the type of internal and external damage, structural repairs could be complete before the inside is ready for occupancy.

The best defense against major storm damage devastation is preparation. Storm recovery experts often offer their specialized knowledge to business owners who want to establish an emergency plan that, while it won’t protect against the storm, could lessen a storm’s impact on the company’s bottom line. For additional information about Florida commercial storm recovery services, contact Florida Catastrophe Corporation today.