While our modern society has progressed in many ways and is now able to stop thousands of potential disasters in their tracks, fire is still a common danger. A fire in your home or business is devastating. You may be facing loss of property, money, and even wellness or life. However, with Florida Catastrophe Corporation (FLA-CAT) by your side, you can get fire damage repair in Orlando quickly, efficiently, and safely.

If you or a loved one has suffered a fire in your home or business, follow these steps to ensure that you will quickly recover from all aspects of the fire damage.

Think Big Picture

Yes, your home or business has suffered fire damage, and yes, you are facing large property and monetary losses. But, you have to remember that you and your loved ones or coworkers survived. Loss of property and money is hard, but can always be fixed. Loss of life or health is much worse, so remember the bigger picture.

Stay Organized

The moment the fire is stopped and the smoke begins to clear, you need to start planning, thinking, and organizing. Record and keep track of any and all correspondence, conversations, or dealings with your insurance carrier, firemen, and even witnesses. While you might not need all the information at a later date, it is always best to be absolutely prepared for any possibility.

Call Your Insurance Carrier

While you may not want to deal with your insurance agent immediately following a fire, he or she should be the first call you make. Insurance claims often take a very long time to process, so you want to get the ball rolling as soon as you can. The sooner you get your claim processed, the sooner you can receive your insurance check and begin repairs.

Call Florida Catastrophe Corporation

We are experts when it comes to fire damage repair in Orlando. At FLA-CAT, we have years of experience dealing with all different types and sizes of fires. Our team will help you evaluate, repair, and reconstruct any and all of your fire damage.

Trust the Professionals

Do NOT try to repair the fire damage on your own. If you do, it might have a damaging effect on your insurance claim. Also, fire damage can be very tricky and dangerous, and a wrong move could lead to more damage or even health risks. Always call a professional fire damage company, like FLA-CAT. There are many unknown dangers that can be lurking in a fire-damaged home or business, so always leave the assessment and repairs to the professionals. Never turn on any electronics until they have been evaluated.

Use these tips to get started on recovering from fire damage quickly. If your home or a loved one’s home has recently incurred extensive fire damage, contact FLA-CAT. We are the fire damage repair experts in Orlando.