Serious water damage is a homeowner’s biggest fears. For people who live in apartments and condos, there could be legal issues involved as well–after all, if your floor suffers significant water damage, your neighbor’s ceiling may also have been destroyed. However, water damage in Orlando is often completely avoidable with regular inspections.

Don’t live in fear of coming home to a house that has been flooded, leaving you with thousands of dollars of damage. Keep an eye on all of your home’s appliances that use water and make sure they’re inspected regularly to avoid water damage in Orlando. Here are a few that should be inspected regularly:

Your Washing Machine

Washing machine supply lines should be inspected on a monthly basis. Signs to look for include blisters in the hose, worn out tubing, and cracks. The connection should also be tight. In fact, problems often occur near the point of connection where the hose bends. A washing machine should be kept at least 4 inches from the wall in order to prevent kinking and bending. Preformed metal elbows are available at hardware stores and you should have no problems if you run your supply lines through these.

Your Refrigerator

The ice maker component of a refrigerator also has supply line tubing that should be checked on a monthly basis. If left unchecked, this seemingly harmless feature can cause significant water damage in your home.

Your Water Heater

Leaks in a water heater usually occur at plumbing joints. The joints should also be checked for corrosion. Also, any unusual pinging or hammering noises coming from your water heater could indicate a much more serious problem.

Likewise, you should also pay close attention to the water heater’s flame. It should be burning bright blue with yellow tips. A yellowish/orange hue indicates that the heater is struggling, which means that your energy bills are probably higher than they should be. In the worst-case scenario, it could also mean that toxic carbon monoxide is escaping.

Your Roof

While your roof is not an appliance, it’s an important area that could incur a significant amount of water damage if it’s not checked regularly. It is not uncommon for roof shingles to be jostled loose during one of the many ferocious wind storms that we experience here in Florida.

Schedule an Inspection

If you would like a professional to come and inspect your property for water damage hazards in Orlando, or if you are in need of water damage repair services, contact the experts at FLA-CAT. FLA-CAT specializes in preventing and repairing water damage and can help protect your home.
Can you think of any other possible water damage hazards in your home? Share your ideas with us.