You take the utmost care of your home to ensure the safety of you and your family, but did you know that your office or place of work is just as, or even more, susceptible to electrical and fire accidents? This is due to the fact that places of business, especially offices, have multiple machines and electrical components functioning at the same time.

Here are a few tips to ensure electrical safety. By following these simple suggestions you could drastically reduce the chance of fire damage occurring in your office.

Don’t Overload the Outlet

Using more than one adapter in one outlet can cause electrical overload and lead to an electrical fire. Before doing this, consult an electrician to ensure that your outlet can handle this much electrical flow.

Instead of using an adapter, try using a power strip or surge protector. These will shut off before any electrical overload. Plus, it prevents computers and other devices from frying in the event of an electrical overload.

Keep Extension Cords in a Safe Place

Extension cords should be tucked away as much as possible. If left out, assure that they are not in high traffic areas like hallways, doorways, or any place where they can be damaged.

Follow the Correct Steps When Unplugging

It’s easy to become lazy and skip a few steps, especially when it comes to unplugging electrical machines. Some people have the bad habit of unplugging without turning off the machine first. It may sound silly and commonsensical, but here are the correct steps to safely unplug your electrical machines:

  1. Turn off the machine

  2. Unplug the machine

  3. If you’re using an adapter or surge protector, don’t just unplug the whole thing. Unplug each machine from the adapter or surge protector, then unplug the adapter or surge protector from the outlet.

Before you leave your office, make sure everything is turned off. If anything can be unplugged, feel free to do so for added security. This not only keeps your office safer, but it’s better for the environment. Overtime, turned off machines actually take up a lot of energy just by being plugged in to their outlets.

Don’t Eat or Drink Near Electrical Wiring

Having your morning coffee or midday-slump coffee at your desk is a usual practice. But if you have multiple electrical cords under your desk, this routine may not be the safest practice. If you must have coffee, other drinks, or food in your office, keep them on another small table that is away from electrical cords.

These tips are a great way to prevent electrical hazards and potential fire damage in Orlando. Most of the time, this is enough to prevent such issues altogether. However, even the most safety-minded office can face some electrical problems. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your electricity, consult the professionals at FLA-CAT for fire damage repair services in Orlando, FL.

Share this post and spread the word of office fire and electrical safety with your friends and family. Who knows; one of these tips could help save your office building from a preventable disaster.