3The second week of October marks the 143rd anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire. The legend goes that the fire started when a cow kicked over a lamp, first setting the barn ablaze, and then the city itself, leaving over 100,000 people homeless. Though historians have since discredited that story, the utter devastation left in the fire’s wake is a lesson in how important it is to fireproof your home or business. Even though the second week in October has passed, fire safety should always be a priority for property owners.

Updating and Maintaining Your Basic Fireproofing Tools

The fire extinguisher is the most obvious and symbolic tool in fire defense; however, one fire extinguisher is not always enough. Is your fire extinguisher in a place where you can access it easily and quickly? Do you have one on each floor of your home or business? Are all the residents in the building aware of where the extinguisher is? Do they know how to use it? These are all questions that home and business owners must ask themselves so that they can fight a fire if, in fact, one does start.

Smoke alarms are also an important tool when it comes to fire prevention and safety. Modern homes and businesses already have these alarms installed, but it is not enough to have them–they must be maintained. This means testing alarm batteries every four months and replacing those that are weak or dead.

Fireproof Your Furniture and Floors, Secure Peace of Mind!

Keep in mind that smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are ideally last resorts. There are other proactive steps that can taken to ensure for your home or business is fireproof. For instance, fire-resistant rugs are sold in a variety of colors and patterns, making every room look good while being one step ahead of fires. Furniture can be sprayed with fireproof chemical, as well. It may cost a bit of money, but that money is nothing when compared to the cost of damages caused by a fire, or the peace of mind that comes from protection.

A fireproof home is a clean home. Excess junk or clutter, such as newspapers, cardboard boxes, or old magazines are all flammable materials that could catch fire at even the smallest spark. Keeping floors clean serves the dual purpose of ensuring your home or business is free of rodents, which have a habit of chewing through electrical wiring which could then create a fire hazard.

The Best Defense is Common Sense

Ultimately, some fireproofing is common sense, such as turning electricity off when leaving a room or making sure all fires or matches have been properly extinguished. Other fire preventative measures are not as obvious, but by taking these steps in your home or business, you are not only securing your property but allowing yourself to have peace of mind in everyday life.  If your home actually does experience fire damage in Orlando, call the experts at FLA-CAT.

How else do you practice fire prevention? Share your tips and tricks with us and we’ll share them with our followers.