2Florida is one of the most beautiful places to live in the country. Tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful state to enjoy the beaches and bask in the famous sunshine. However, sunshine and recreation aren’t guaranteed all the time. In fact, Florida is also a place where storms wreak havoc during certain times of the year.

Storms in Florida can be just as common as sunshine, especially during hurricane season. While the damage from sunshine is minimal, storm damage in Orlando can result in very expensive repairs to homes and businesses. Responsible property owners can always try to prepare for upcoming storm damage, but no one can completely prevent it.

FLA-CAT has helped many home and business owners start over after storms. FLA-CAT offers a very strategic and targeted approach that is guaranteed to ensure the efficiency of storm cleanup.

  • Debris Removal – The best work and repairs take place in a clean worksite. It’s very important to remove all debris from the area before repairs begin. Removing debris keeps everyone safe and reveals everything that needs to be repaired.

  • Damage Assessment – Experts like FLA-CAT have decades of experience in repairing properties after big storms. FLA-CAT’s team of professionals can evaluate a damaged home or business and will know exactly where to begin.

  • Repair – Only after the debris has been removed and the damage has been assessed can the real work begin. FLA-CAT provides the best professionals in repair, reconstruction, and demolition.

Recovering from a tragedy is a lot of work, and it takes dedicated work by a team of specialists to guarantee satisfactory solutions. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of repairing damage that results from storms. However, insurance companies offer little advice for families and businesses after the storm damage in Orlando has occurred.

Staying Safe When the Storm Is Over

It is important to remember that an individual’s safety remains a concern long after the storm is over. Many homeowners and business professionals attempt to remove the debris themselves, causing environmental and physical safety hazards.

Proper cleanup can be successfully completed only by professionals with adequate equipment and training. Even though you may want to get started right away, those without experience have no idea what they are dealing with and may place themselves and those around them in great danger.
FLA-CAT has a long history and a great reputation of working with individuals and businesses to complete a prompt but safe cleanup of storm damage in Orlando. The safest and most effective way to start over is to choose a team that is experienced in storm recovery.