Summer Home HazardsThe summertime in Florida is an extreme season that brings with it a number of different potential hazards to your home. In addition to environmental hazards, certain activities that are common during the summer may also have the potential to cause damage to your home. As summer approaches, it is important to be aware of these hazards in order to take action to mitigate the risks.

Storms and Wind Damage

Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornados commonly occur throughout Florida during the summer months. Many summer days are characterized by an intense afternoon storm that does not last throughout the day, but that may come through with strong winds and cause damage. Winds may knock trees over and cause loose debris to collide with the home.

Cleaning up the yard and securing loose items can help to protect the home from damage. Ensuring sturdy construction of the home and surrounding structures can also be helpful. Hiring professionals to assess the stability of the roof, fencing, and other structures may prevent costly wind damage.

Rain and Flooding Dangers

The powerful storms that are common during the summer may bring heavy rains that can flood a yard and home very quickly. This is an even greater risk in areas that are close to the water. Taking action to ensure that water will drain away from the home can prevent damage to the foundation. Filling in low areas in the yard can help to keep the yard from flooding, possibly preventing damage to the lawn and landscaping.

Lightning Dangers

Lightning strikes more often in certain parts of Florida than most other places in the world. Lightning strikes can cause damage to home structures, electrical systems, and belongings. Lightning can also start fires in homes and yards, potentially burning the home, surrounding structures, and belongings. While it is difficult to protect the home from lightning damage, unplugging appliances when storms start can help to mitigate damage to belongings and possibly prevent a fire from starting.

Campfire and Grill Hazards

Grilling outdoors and starting campfires in the backyard are common activities that have the potential to become hazardous. It is important to keep fire extinguishers nearby when grilling or having a backyard campfire. Fires should never be left unattended and the area surrounding the pit or grill should be kept clear of debris and flammable materials. All fires should be completely extinguished after use to protect the home.

If a home suffers damage due to Florida summertime hazards, it is important to take steps to restore the home right away. If your home has been damaged, contact restoration services in your area to protect the home from further damage and to keep home inhabitants safe.