Beach Risks

For many Americans, living by the beach is the embodiment of the American dream. When people fantasize about living by the beach, they think of the tranquil sound of waves rhythmically lapping at the shore, gulls floating overhead, and a profound sense of peace. While the beach does bring with it a sense of peace and serenity, it is easy for romanticized notions to eclipse the considerations and dangers of living by the beach. In order to fully enjoy your tranquil oasis, it is important to be aware of possible dangers and how to minimize beach risks to you and your family.


In states like Florida, severe storms and choppy seas are a regular occurrence. Anytime houses are built near the water, proper precautions must be taken to avoid flood damage. Sometimes this can include raising up the house which can sometimes reduce stability. In addition to being a risk to the actual house, flooding can also cut you and your family off from supplies so it is essential to always keep spare emergency supplies in a safe place. It can also be a good idea to have a boat or a raft to use in the event of the need to evacuate.

Some have suggested that rising sea levels will soon become a problem that seaside residents will have to begin dealing with. Depending on your region, tidal waves and tsunamis can also damage your home and cause problems for your family.


Some cities in Florida are considered lightning strike capitals of the world. The violent thunderstorms that can occur during the summer months and in the rest of hurricane season can often cause injury and property damage. One of the biggest risks associated with lightning besides risk of injury is risk of fire. Storms are often very powerful near warm-water beaches and can generate violent lightning. Even though the home is surrounded by water, fires resulting from lightning strikes are a very real danger.


The state of Florida is no stranger to hurricanes. Florida is often almost always hit by major hurricanes during the season. Hurricanes are usually stronger when coming off of the warm waters near the coast. This can make beachfront property seem much less attractive when considering the scale of damage done as the result of hurricanes like Katrina and Andrew. These storms can produce strong enough winds and rain to break windows, blow debris, and even erode the foundations of the house. It is important to take proper precautions to prepare for hurricanes and to be aware of evacuation routes.

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