Home Modification BarriersAs medical and technological advances continue to accelerate, many people are now able to retain more of their independence at lower costs than available in the past. Home modification is the process of modifying the home in order to allow for more accessibility for those who would otherwise need assistance. However, despite the increases in functionality and the decreases in costs, many barriers to home modification still exist. Some of these barriers are more easily overcome than others but there are many effective resources available regarding the home modification process.

Insufficient Public Awareness

Many people incorrectly assume that home modification is simply not an option because of costs. While certain situations call for more costly machinery, many of the most common home modifications are inexpensive and can be purchased at a hardware store. These types of modifications require very little investment and can potentially save large amounts of money by preventing accidents.

While average life expectancy is increasing, the issue of disability and home modification has not received much public attention. Many people who would greatly benefit from home modifications believe that they will be stigmatized if the modifications are visible to their friends and neighbors. This slows the innovation process because many companies do not believe that a sufficient marketplace yet exists to justify creating more consumer-conscious home modification devices.

Lack of Financial Assistance

Another barrier to home modification includes a lack of financial assistance to those who would benefit the most from it. Low-income families often struggle to support special needs members of the family. Costly medical bills often leave little remaining for home modifications. Government programs do exist to assist in home modifications for qualified applicants. However, they are typically not publically known and are rapidly losing funding due to the lack of awareness regarding the issue. Non-profits have stepped in to provide resources and assistant for those in need but there is still a large gap that needs to be filled in terms of funding for those who need assistance.

Substandard Integration of Services

Currently, there is very little being done to integrate the medical, insurance, and home modification industries in order to better service those in need. Many businesses simply do not see it profitable to invest in a home modification infrastructure. A more streamlined process is required to better serve low-income families. This would allow doctors to communicate with insurance providers and home modification companies to coordinate a plan to help patients requiring home modification while still encouraging industry growth and innovation.

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