Practice Fire Safety This Thanksgiving

Practice Fire Safety This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Fire SafetyThanksgiving is the time to gather friends and family around the table, show appreciation, and of course cook and eat some amazing food. Every year, many people break out old family favorites and try their hand at new recipes. While all of this cooking can be fun, it comes with a fair amount of risk.

To stay safe while cooking the holiday meal this year, remember the following tips.

Never Leave Cooking Food Unattended

With family arriving and all of the commotion that comes with having a house full of people, it can be tempting to leave the kitchen to greet guests and chat. It may be unrealistic for everyone to stay in the kitchen throughout the whole day, but always make sure that there is at least one person keeping an eye on cooking foods. A few minutes is all that it takes for a fire to become uncontrollable.

Follow the Directions

Many fires are started every year by people deep frying a turkey for the first time and not following the directions. Just about any recipe that involves grease and heat has the potential to become dangerous if the directions are not followed exactly. “Winging it” can become risky when there are so many activities taking place at once, so take the time to read and follow directions.

Watch Fabrics around Flames and Burners

Many families have the tradition of getting dressed up for Thanksgiving. This can be problematic if clothing is loose fitting or if there are accessories that can fall off. Remove jackets and hats and be mindful of having fabrics near open flames or heat sources when cooking. Also be careful when putting pot holders, oven mitts, and towels down to keep these articles away from heat and flames.

Keep Fire Extinguishers on Hand

Fire extinguishers should be readily available so that they can be reached in an instant when cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It is important that several people understand how to use the fire extinguishers. It is also critical that everyone knows what types of fires different fire extinguishers should be used for.

Know How to Put a Fire Out

Different types of fires require different methods and substances to extinguish. Water may be useful for putting out wood fires, but this is generally unhelpful when you are cooking. Baking soda and chemical fire extinguishers can be used to snuff out grease fires and oven fires. Electrical fires should be smothered with a fireproof blanket.

Removing the heat source by turning off the oven, burner, or fryer may also be necessary.

If a fire becomes too large, prioritize the safety of the family and evacuate the home. Emergency services can put the fire out and the kitchen can always be restored later.

Practice fire safety when cooking this Thanksgiving to keep your family and home safe.

What You Should Know Before Starting a Bonfire

Bonfire Safety TipsThe temperatures may still be pretty warm during the day, but are starting to cool off just a little bit at night. For bonfire lovers, this makes it the perfect time to heat up the fire pit. Fires can be a wonderful compliment to autumn nights in Florida, but there are some things that you should know to protect yourself, your family, and your home before stoking the flames.

There May Be Burn Restrictions

Burn restrictions can vary by area and season. When the weather is drier, it may be illegal to have a bonfire even in places that normally allow it. In some places, a permit may also be required for burning of any kind. Be sure to look into the local regulations so that you do not incur fines or put the environment and neighborhood at risk.

Escaped Debris Is a Leading Cause of Wildfires

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, escaped debris is a leading cause of Florida wildfires. The debris can come from burning leaves, paper, or bits of bark coming loose. If the fire is too close to trees, the home, or other structures the loose debris may start a fire that can be tough to put out.

Waiting for a Fire to Burn out Is Dangerous

Leaving a fire unattended is always dangerous, especially when going to bed. When a fire starts to burn low, many people feel that it is safe to walk away and leave the fire to burn out, but the heat and flames may still catch debris and structures on fire. Before leaving the vicinity of a bonfire, be sure to extinguish the flames using water and stir the ash to make sure that every ember is out.

Having a Hose Close Is Smart

When enjoying a bonfire, it is smart to keep a hose, bucket of water, or other means of extinguishing the flames nearby. This way you will be able to quickly put out the fire if it gets too large or if unintended materials catch fire. Make sure that the hose can be turned on quickly, or keep a fire extinguisher nearby if the fire is very far away from the spigot.

Bonfires Can Turn to House Fires Quickly

If a bonfire catches a home on fire, it can engulf the home within a matter of minutes and cause untold devastation. This can necessitate home restorations and possibly even make it necessary to rebuild. Most people that have lived through house fires have been amazed at the speed at which the fire spread.

If you and your family will be burning bonfires this autumn season, make sure to take precautions to stay safe!


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