With tornadoes moving through California, Texas, and other Southern states, you may be wondering if there are steps that can be taken to protect your home from a tornado if one comes through Florida. The truth is that there are small things that can be done to prevent damage, but tornadoes can be extremely destructive and unpredictable. Knowing the following may help if a tornado comes your way.


Access Points Are the Weakest Points

Access points such as regular doors, windows, and garage doors are weaker and vulnerable to damage from tornadoes. Winds and debris are more likely to blow through windows and doors than walls. Bracing these points may help a little, but just knowing that these points are weaker can help keep family and precious belongings safe in the event of a tornado.

True Tornado Proofing Is Expensive and Difficult

A tornado is capable of lifting large objects into the air and moving them at high speeds, so tornado proofing requires protecting a structure from these projectiles. Tornado-proof glass and steel reinforced doors can protect the home from damage, but these are very expensive and not exactly user-friendly. Concrete walls are also better at withstanding tornado winds than other materials.

Maintenance Can Help Prevent Damage

While taking drastic measures to protect against tornadoes is not recommended for most homes due to the extreme costs, maintaining the home well can help to prevent some damage. Making sure that shrubbery is trimmed and debris is cleared can help to prevent branches or debris from coming through access points during a tornado. Making sure the roof is secure and that seals are tight can also help.

Protecting the Family Is Most Important

In the event of a tornado, it’s most important to make sure that the family is safe before worrying about the home or belongings. An internal room is safest if you are caught off guard, but a specifically designed safe room can be very secure without breaking the bank. An underground room is safer from winds and debris, but could be susceptible to flooding.

Making a plan with the family ahead of time can help to keep everyone safe if the tornado does come through. Securing important documents and keeping a bag with clothing and basics handy can help your family to stay comfortable during a catastrophe and recover quicker afterwards.

Actions to Take After a Tornado Watch Is Called

After a tornado watch is called, taking certain actions may help to keep your home and family safe:

  • Bring outdoor furniture and loose objects inside
  • Move heavy objects to the floor or low shelves
  • Move family, pets, and important items to an interior room
  • Keep medications, water, and non-perishable food items close
  • Keep doors and windows closed and latched

For more information about protecting your home from a tornado, or for restoration assistance after a tornado, call Florida Catastrophe Corp.