Tornado PreparednessTornadoes are violent storms that can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. It may seem that tornadoes come out of the clear sky and cause unpredictable damage, but there are some signs and consistencies that can help you to be more prepared in the event of a tornado. There are also general safety precautions that can be taken so that your home and family are safer if a tornado strikes.

Every State Has Tornado Risks

Tornadoes are generally associated with the Midwest, so many homeowners on the East coast feel that tornadoes are not a concern. This false sense of security can be destructive if a tornado does occur. Tornadoes occur in response to increased sea surface temperature and increased moisture content, especially in cooler months. These correlations allow weather forecasters to predict tornadoes with some accuracy, although the path of the tornado may be difficult to predict.

Certain Signs Warn of a Tornado

Tornado warnings signs may vary, but can include:

  • Hail storms, especially with large hail
  • Low-laying clouds that are very dark
  • Dark skies, sometimes with a greenish cast
  • A loud roar
  • Debris and dust that appears to be suspended in the air

Seeking Shelter Is the Safest Option

Since the main danger of tornadoes comes from the high winds and the debris being moved by the high winds, seeking shelter is the safest way to avoid being injured. Stable rooms constructed with concrete, block, or brick are less likely to be breached by debris. It is important to avoid auditoriums, cafeterias, and other large rooms that have wide, flat roofs, however, as these may be moved by tornado winds. Basements and lower rooms provide the best shelter from the high winds.

Securing Your Home Can Reduce Damage

Taking the time to secure your home can greatly reduce the damage that occurs if a tornado does come through. Making sure that the roof is secured with hurricane clips and that the walls are secured to the foundation can mitigate damage. Moving large objects away from windows and storing heavy items and toxic chemicals in low and enclosed areas can reduce injury risks as well as home damage risks.

Having a Plan Can Increase Safety

Formulating an emergency preparedness plan can help to keep family members safe. Making sure that all family members know about local warning sirens and understand where to go in the case of a tornado can help to ensure safety. Having first aid supplies available and keeping important documents in water and fire proof storage containers can help to expedite recovery after a storm. Knowing who to call for restoration services can help to mitigate damage to the home caused by elements.

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