get a good night's sleepJust like how computers need to shut down for the next day’s use, we all need a good night’s sleep to recharge and face another day stronger! An adult needs sleep of around 7-8 hours a day in order to replenish the energy lost on those long hours at work. The amount of sleep you have can also affect your mood for the day, and the lack of sleep can lead to headaches, increased irritability, poor judgment, and susceptibility to illness. There’s definitely a lot or risks in skipping just a night of beauty sleep.

Giving yourself a good night’s sleep is hard especially if you’re used to a different timezone and you’re used to sipping coffee at night or eating a lot of sweets in the day. You need discipline and consistency to maintain a good sleep which can be achieved by keeping a healthy lifestyle, following doctor’s orders and creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

Make sure to follow these bedroom adjustments and you’ll be on your way to dreamland in no time at all.

Go Dark

If there’s one thing that distracts you from sleeping, it’s light. Turning off the lights is a practical choice if you want to doze off faster. Gadgets like laptops and mobile phones should also be put away as these create glow that distracts you from sleeping. Not to mention that things are associated with work. If you need to use mobile phone as alarm, it is best to turn them away from the bed and cover them with handkerchief. Having thick curtains to block off any light coming from outside the room is very ideal.

Minimize Noise

Background sleeping music doesn’t always work. No matter how mellow your choice of music is, noise will still keep you distracted. It’s best to keep the bedroom door shut, so you won’t hear any noise from outside. Families are also looking into soundproof bedrooms by using thick curtains, adding cushions on walls or just by having a rug hang on the offending wall. Sound proofing may also be extended to other parts of the house, like the kitchen – the usual source of noise early in the morning. You can attach thin pieces of corks inside cabinet doors to avoid making noise when closing. Another practical tip is pinning up unused egg trays to your kitchen walls as these absorb sound waves. You can infuse art with it to make it attractive.

Provide a Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is another essential thing to give you a good night’s sleep. Using a silent air conditioning unit would be a top choice. Maintaining a tidy and clean room does not only mean making your closet in order, but also dusting off windows regularly, and keeping air condition filters clean as well. Your bedroom is your own space, so it is a must to keep it clean and smelling good.

If you think your bedroom have some elements that are distracting or out-of-order and needs remodeling for better sleep, you can contact our restoration services at 855-352-2281 and our team of bedroom remodeling experts will help you out.