Enduring a fire on your property can be an extremely upsetting experience. After experiencing a Florida fire damage to your home or business, you may feel overwhelmed and underprepared. FLA-CAT wants to make sure that you remember the things you must complete after a disaster hits. This article offers a better understanding of what you should do immediately following a fire.

The first thing you need to do is ask a professional if it’s safe to enter the building. A home damaged by fire can be structurally unsound, and you’ll want to make sure, not only that the fire is extinguished, but that the fire authorities have gone through the area and have given you a clear understanding of the severity of the damage, and whether it is safe for you to enter. If you can, gather up and pack any valuables and necessities. Afterwards, secure your home from burglars.

Making a Claim and Fire Report

A fire report states the condition of the house, the area in which the fire was involved, what time the incident occurred, and the date of the incident. You’ll want to get a copy of the fire report from the fire department that assisted you. You’ll then want to call the insurance company yourself and let them know what happened. Document every single person you spoke to about your claim from your insurance company to any officials. Be as specific as possible, the more details the better.

Review a copy of your insurance policy. Your policy will clearly outline your limits, rights, and responsibilities. This will help you make informed decisions, receive the most compensation possible, and save you from any nasty surprises.

Living Arrangements

If your home is no longer available for you to reside in, you may have to stay with family or in a hotel. Request a monetary advance from your insurance company for purchases that are immediately necessary. If you need to temporarily relocate, the monetary advance would be your first month of lodging and any required security deposits. Your insurance policy may even cover many of your living expenses after the fire, so save every single receipt for any meals, hotels, purchases, toiletries, cosmetics, clothing, etc.

Fire Restoration

It’s time to consider clean-up arrangements; you’ll need to find professionals to fix the damage to your home as the effects of fire damage can often be hard to notice to an untrained eye. As a consumer, you need to make sure you understand that you can choose who your Florida fire damage repair company will be; this choice does not necessarily belong to your insurance company. Make sure to do your research.

If you’re looking into fire restoration companies in Florida, visit the FLA-CAT website for more information on our restoration services after a disaster strikes.