Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family and enjoy some home-cooked food, but it is also a time when thousands of families across the United States make costly mistakes that cause needless fire damage to their homes. If you want to avoid Thanksgiving fire damage in Orlando, brush up on your fire-safety cooking tips.

  • Keep a watchful eye. Most kitchen fires are simply caused by people who do not pay attention to what they are doing. It does not matter whether you have done it many times in the past; you should never leave food unattended on your stovetop. This is especially true if you are using a deep fryer to cook your turkey, as they are among the most common fire hazards during the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Always be ready. Even if you are confident in your cooking abilities, it is always a good idea to be prepared. If a fire does happen, you will definitely want to have the proper equipment ready to help put it out. Always know where the fire extinguisher is kept, and if you do not have one, buy one immediately. It’s also important to always keep flammable things away from your stovetop such as paper towels and anything made of plastic.

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Thanksgiving is usually a time when people like to bundle up in comfortable winter clothing, but if you are responsible for cooking, you should still wear short, tight-fitting clothing that will not be at risk of catching fire. You should also tie your hair back if it is long, as you certainly do not want it to catch fire!

  • Keep children out of the kitchen. Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, but if you want to lower the risks of a fire, make sure that younger children stay out of the kitchen. This will not only prevent them from being a distraction, but also keep them from potentially burning themselves.

  • Act quickly if you are burned. If an accident does happen, and you do suffer a burn, put the burned area of your body under cold water for three to five minutes and then apply a soothing ointment. If the burn is any larger than a fist, you should seek medical attention immediately.

By following these tips, you are sure to have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. If you want to learn more tips to avoid fire damage in Orlando, browse through the FLA-CAT blog posts today.

Do you have fire-safety precautions set up in your home? Tell us how many fire extinguishers you have and where you keep them for easy access. We’ll share your tips to help out our other followers.