Given the weather we experience, Florida can be a crazy place to live. Hurricanes are more of a threat to us than to any other location in the country. Even beyond hurricanes, we still have to deal with a slew of different storms, from the light drizzle of an afternoon shower to the thunderstorm that causes flooding. This wide spectrum of weather is not only inconvenient, but it can also cause real damage to your home or business. Understanding the different possibilities can help you find solutions.

Whether you have experienced storm damage in Orlando in the past or you just want to be prepared for the future, take a look at this list to help increase your awareness about the various types of storm damage than can occur at your home or business.

  • Roof Damage and Leaks: We do not often think about our roofs until something goes wrong with them, but roof damage from a storm can be a huge problem. Strong winds can tear off sections of your roof, which allows for leaks and interior damage.

  • Broken Windows: When something flies through a window in the middle of a storm, there is suddenly no protection from the elements. Windows can be shattered by debris or strong winds and excess rain can rot frames, which can also cause damage to the pane or wall.

  • Structural Damage: If you live near the Everglades or in a part of Florida that often suffers from flooding, you understand this concern all too well. Flooding and excess water can cause a building’s foundation to shift, creating structural damage. The foundation does not have to move for the structure to suffer, however. Sagging wet walls or exposed parts of the home can ruin the framework of a building, creating danger for everyone inside.

  • Lightning Strike Damage: Lightning can be just as frightening from far away as up close, but the effects are much more real when a bolt hits your home. Lightning can destroy sections of a building, burnt out electrical wiring, and even start a fire in some cases.

  • Floor Damage: Your floor is more than just carpet or hardwood, and storm exposure in the wrong place can do real damage to the floor of a home. Of course, carpeting and hardwood flooring can be ruined by rain, but breaking and slanting can also occur.

If you’re home or business has suffered any storm damage in Orlando, and you’re in need of repair, contact the experts at FLA-CAT. Have you experienced damage from a storm? How do you protect your home from the threat of storm damage?