Summers in Florida mean warm days at the beach and lots of sun. However, those days of beautiful weather can soon be accompanied by dangerous storms. These storms move in very quickly and are capable of causing a significant amount of damage. It is common for these storms to have high winds and ferocious hail, both of which result in a lot of damage to homes and outdoor fixtures. The best thing to do if your home suffers storm damage in Orlando is to call FLA-CAT. But first, there are some things you should know about storm damage.

It is often thought that only tornadoes and hurricanes can be damaging, but even strong thunderstorms inflict considerable damage to residential homes. The most common types of storm damage include broken windows caused by trees blown over by the wind and larger pieces of hail. Fallen trees can also cause damage to roofs, resulting in the need for roof replacement or repair. Siding damage can also occur because of a strong storm.

What to do if Your Home or Business is Affected by a Storm

In the aftermath of a serious storm, it is best to assess what damage has been done to your home. Do not try to fix anything yourself, as it could cause further damage. The cost of storm damage repair will vary depending on the severity of the damage that was done. After assessing the damage, you will want to call a storm damage repair service as quickly as possible. Fallen debris can be hazardous, and if there are any broken windows or entryways, your home now has a serious security risk.

Storm damage, when handled by experts, can be repaired in a timely manner. The sooner you call in a team of experts, the less time you will have away from your home or business. Storms can hit suddenly, and people are not always prepared for the damage that follows a severe storm. Should you find yourself in this situation, don’t hesitate to call FLA-CAT at 1-855-FLA-CAT1. We are the leading storm damage repair company in Orlando, FL, and we’re happy to help you when and where you need it. Share this post if your home has experienced severe storm damage. Tell us your stories and educate your friends and family of the importance of being proactive when severe storms hit their homes.