AARP reports, now that the baby boomer generation has reached retirement age, approximately 8,000 individuals will turn 65 every day for the next fifteen years. As this generation grows older and lives longer, we are learning more and more about health and well-being in the senior years–and many studies show that aging adults who stay in their own homes, or at home with loved ones, find greater satisfaction, well-being, and better health as they age.

In fact, a study by AARP found that 71% of surveyed Americans “strongly agreed” that they wanted to stay in their homes as long as possible–a trend AARP calls “aging in place.” As our aging loved ones live longer, many people find themselves needing to make household accommodations to help make that desire a reality.

Home Adjustments

Whether you are a senior who chooses to age at home, or perhaps a caregiver helping a loved one to remain at home, there are a variety of home modifications in Orlando that can make a home safer and more accessible. Some steps you can take to ensure that a home is safe and easy to navigate through old age include:

  • Home Accessibility –  Entryway modifications, stair lifts, elevator installation, and automatic door openers are modifications that make it easier and safer for a senior to get in and out of the structure, or navigate multiple levels, if necessary.

  • Bathroom Modifications – Walk-in or roll-in tub or shower conversions from a traditional bathtub design, along with additions of in-shower benches, shower chairs, and grab bars, greatly improve a senior’s stability. Additional modifications may include toilet adjustments to create access at the appropriate height.

  • Bedroom Adjustments – Bedroom adjustments may include bed height adjustments, modification to closet door widths or access types, door-activated light switches, and closet storage at different heights for easier access.

  • Kitchen Modifications – Changes may include raised or lowered workstations and appliances, lever faucet controls, under-cabinet spaces to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, and roll-out drawers and storage spaces to minimize stooping and bending.

How We Can Help

Our C.H.A.M.P. certified professionals at FLA-CAT are experts in home modifications in Orlando and can work with you on your home’s accessibility issues. Call us for a quote regarding options for making homes more accessible for anyone choosing to age gracefully in the comfort and convenience of home! Share this post if you are or have been through a home modification project. Let us know about your experiences on our Facebook page.