Vinyl as New Floor Cover

vinyl flooringHouse designs change so fast, our flooring covers should go with it too. They go hand in hand in order to complement the interior design of your house. As part of your home improvement plan, flooring materials to be used should have a color and texture that will also be harmonious to your wall, furniture, and appliances to be placed in that area of the house. Vinyl materials are, aside from being the inexpensive type, it is also a more attractive one to use for the kind of house transitions you plan to make.

Compared with using other type of materials like a marble or ceramic tiles, you have to hire an expert in installing it. It will easily produce a crack and can easily be crumbled if you put a heavy equipment on top of a loosely done tile. If this happens, you have to do it again from the start. Labor installation cost and other materials to be used like a cement is much higher-priced compared when using vinyl materials in your floor.

Benefits of using Vinyl type of flooring:

  • It is easy to install. Meaning, your labor cost can be decreased into a minimal. If you as an owner have time to extend to do this on your own, installation procedures can easily be followed.
  • Backing materials are much cheaper. Adhesives, grout used and other materials, if needed, like a self-leveler is similar in strength like a concrete but a much lower-priced one.
  • Vinyl is also durable, scratch-free, and a less stain-absorption type of floor material. With its surface layer coating with urethane content holds as the protective cover against scratches and scuff marks. It is water-resistant and it can easily be cleaned by just using a wet cloth or mop. With this, stains as well as a bad smell can be avoided.
  • Stylish designs. Vinyl floors are more flexible now a days with designs that are stylish and can easily blend with your wall and the mood you like for a certain part of your home. Interior appliances and furniture can easily be chosen and paired with the decorative design of your vinyl floor.

Additional Information

Here are some things to consider and are helpful information when buying vinyl flooring for your home:

  • Nowadays, vinyl is used in any part of the house due to its versatility and style. Can be installed even in the wash or laundry area due to its strength and water resilient surface.
  • Floor surface should also be considered before choosing what type of vinyl to be installed. Vinyl can be installed in sheets, tile, or plank. It will be dependent on your floor plan and interior design since it is a very flexible type of floor cover, it can adapt to your styling needs.
  • Vinyl sheets are set by rolls. This is mostly used as bathroom floors since it is seamless, moisture can’t easily seep in.
  • Vinyl tiles can be produced in the exact measurements and thickness you require it to be. Its cut is by per square inch. It can be replaced easily if damaged since it is an accurately cut type of material. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is now much preferred by many due to its increasing style variations to select from.
  • Plank Vinyl can be bought with a width of 4 or 6 inches and a length of 3 or 4 feet. It can easily be installed like a regular wood floor and have the look of a hardwood as well. It also comes in a peel-and-stick kind of plank vinyl in which you only have to peel off the adhesive backing of the plank then stick it to the subfloor.

Whatever type of vinyl you’ve chosen to use, the most important thing to remember is that the end product should give you satisfaction through the aura it emits every time you come inside your house. Also, it should be pleasing to the eyes and makes you move comfortably whichever part of the house you come into. Most importantly, it gives you a nice feeling on the base of your feet every time you walk on it.