Living in Florida means tons of sunshine and sunny days spent at the beach, but it is not all fun in the sun. Between hurricanes, heavy thunderstorms, and insidious groundwater, homeowners face many flooding threats. Broken water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers can also be sources of flooding and cause water damage in Florida that results in serious destruction if not addressed within 48 hours.

Nothing will ruin a building more completely than water damage. What may appear to be a small spot on a wall or carpet can actually be a sign of a fast-spreading problem. When water damage remains undetected or is left untreated, it can ruin just about everything within a home, including drywall, carpeting, woodwork, the electrical system, and other aspects of the home’s infrastructure.

Cleaning Up Water Damage

FLA-CAT truly understands water damage and utilizes high-tech equipment and highly trained mitigation experts who specialize in restoring your home to pre-flood damage status. In some cases, they can leave it even better than before! If a home is dried and treated by water damage experts in Florida within 48 hours of the incident, the water damage and mold potential is significantly minimized.

The FLA-CAT approach is methodical and professional:

  • Step One: Locate the source of the water. If the flooding is caused by a storm or appliance, this step is relatively easy. However, if the source is a water leak from an appliance or leaky roof, the problem may be more complicated.

  • Step Two: Stop the leak. Before the drying process can begin, the source of the water must be addressed.

  • Step Three: Remove items that cannot be dried. While most home goods and belongings can easily be removed for cleaning, some items cannot be thoroughly dried and must be discarded to facilitate complete drying.

  • Step Four: Thoroughly dry the area. Removing all of the moisture from the dwelling and its belongings is the most important part of recovering from water damage.

  • Return inspections. Making sure the area stays dry and that all problems have been mitigated is the last step in the process.

Water damage does not have to be permanent. The experts at FLA-CAT have all the training and equipment necessary to mediate even the worst water damage in Florida. Get FLA-CAT in there early, and you will know that it is taken care of. Have you or someone you’ve known experience water damage? Share this post and give some of your firsthand experience in dealing with this issue.