If your home has incurred water damage due to a leaky pipe, overflowing bathtub, natural disaster or by any other means, it is vital that you have the water cleaned up as soon as possible. Water can cause significant structural damage to your property or cause mold growth if it’s not dealt with quickly and efficiently. Mold can actually start growing in your home and on your personal belongings in as little as 24 hours.

Work With Professionals

While you may be tempted to start cleaning up the water damage on your own, this can be extremely dangerous. First of all, water that is grey or black in color could be toxic and if you are not wearing the proper protective gear while cleaning, you may become ill. Secondly, if the water is not cleaned up correctly, it will continue to cause a risk to your home’s structural integrity and it is likely that mold will start to grow and expand over time. It is always best to work with professional restoration technicians.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Florida water damage restoration technicians can properly clean the water from your home and personal belongings. These services include water removal, deflooding, mold removal, specialized drying, reconstructions, and board-ups. A water damage restoration service will not only remove sitting water from your property, but will also dry out your belongings to prevent mold growth.

Professional disaster recovery service experts, such as FLA-CAT, will come to your home and evaluate the water damage done to your property. They will then determine what services are required to properly clean up the damage and restore your property and belongings to safe and functional conditions. This will ensure that everything is taken care of and that the water is completely removed from your home.

Working With the Right Company

It is important, however, that you work with a water damage restoration company that has experience in handling all types of water damage, and a proven track record of providing excellent services. FLA-CAT is one such company. Servicing the residents of the Central Florida and Orlando area for more than 30 years, they maintain a reputation for providing exceptional residential and commercial water damage restoration services.

The most important thing to remember is to take care of the water damage as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Using a quick and efficient water disaster recovery service will help limit and prevent additional damage to your home. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can take care of the water damage yourself. This could cause permanent damage to the structure of your home or your personal belongings. Instead, call in the Florida water damage professionals and let them do the work for you. Get in touch with FLA-CAT at (855) 352-2281!