Homeowners should always prepare for the natural disasters that could affect their area. Knowing the common sources in your region is important. In Florida, flooding can occur at any time due to natural or unnatural causes. It’s important to be ready for things you can account for, like the summer rains, and to prevent and counter the things you can control, like your in-home plumbing.

First, find out the type of house and foundation you have. Depending on the materials used to build your home, the strength of the walls and their vulnerability to water damage may vary. By the same token, the type of foundation supporting your structure will impact the methods you use to protect your home. Your house may be better suited to dry flood-proofing techniques, like coating the foundation in plastic sheeting, or wet flood-proofing techniques that allow some water to enter the home.

One of the simplest, yet often overlooked, prevention methods is the cleaning of gutters and a general understanding of the surrounding landscape. Improving the flow of water in your gutters keeps pressure from building up on the roof. The water should flow to areas designed for removal. By designing your landscape to slope away from the house, you better protect your foundation from imminent danger.

It’s also important to make sure the rest of your house is properly maintained. Be aware of potential leaks in the roof and respond to them quickly. Make sure all windows are properly sealed and secured. Protect yourself against the other dangers often accompanying floods, like high winds and debris.

Always follow the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control for flood emergency. Keep a full tank of gas in the car. Move all your appliances above subterranean floors and elevate them off ground level. Gather important documentation in a secure and mobile storage. Have an emergency kit and evacuation plan ready.

Dealing With Flood Damage

Attempting to deal with water damage by yourself can be costly and dangerous. Without proper tools and know-how, you leave yourself open to mold and structural damage. You can use an industrial dehumidifier, but homeowners oftentimes overestimate their effectiveness. Letting professionals immediately handle the problem is essential to limiting further damage.

You need a structural assessment to ensure the materials in your walls are sound. Drywall is highly susceptible to disfigurement and can affect the electrical components in your home. Monitoring the moisture levels throughout the premises ensures the water hasn’t spread into unforeseen areas. If you have had issues with an appliance and aren’t sure if water damage has occurred, you can seal a plastic sheet to the wall to see if condensation occurs.

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