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Our professionals are committed to personal attention and providing quality restoration services in all areas of the clean up and/or construction process. We're licensed, certified, and insured General Contractors and have been servicing Orlando and the Central Florida Area for over 30 years.

Residential Services

At Florida Catastrophe, we understand that a disaster in your home can be life altering. We are here to help you bounce back from a fire, flood, mold, or storm damage. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Commercial Services

As a full service insurance restoration company in Orlando / Central Florida, our main goal is to help businesses get everything back in order after a major disaster. From fire damage, to water & flood damage, our team can help restore order to your business.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Peter F. Moylan
Peter F. Moylan
posted 1 week ago

Repairing damage from a leak. It was a bit drawn out, partially due to our traveling north and back and partially due to some communication breakdown. But the work is done and to our satisfaction. We also had you do some additional work at our expense and the experience was satisfactory and efficient.

Barbara Patch
Barbara Patch
posted 5 months ago

Dealing with a kitchen fire that leaves grime, soot and nasty smoke residue over every inch of my home was not fun. Living in a hotel for 3 months was okay, but there is no place like home. That being said......all the people at Fl. Cat. were fabulous, courteous, funny, quick working, super responsible and an absolute joy to be around. Also: very important: they were all very trustworthy...they had the garage door code to my home and came and went daily whether I could be there or not. They kept my spirits lifted as I tried to learn Spanish words from them, so we laughed a lot as we worked diligently. Fl. Cat did not hold me up one bit; they came daily and moved efficiently and professionally as they wrapped and took everything out of my house to be cleaned and hopefully salvaged. Clean, scrub, paint, carpet and back it all came again to be unpacked and placed in the proper rooms. I cannot recommend this company and all their staff highly enough! Whenever I texted a question to one of them, the answer came back quickly. I was there a lot of the time, my choice, I am retired.....they could have done it all without me being involved. Yes, yes, a total 10.....thank you Fl Cat....I will be back in my house in a few more days, Whew!!! Barbara Patch

michael evans
michael evans
posted 1 month ago

Steve ,expressing my thanks and appreciation for your help and also I think you must have sent me two of your best workers, Bill Harvey and Chad Driggers such professional and efficient employees.Thanks again for returning my home in such perfect condition.