Clean Kitchen, Safe Kitchen

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Clean Kitchen, Safe Kitchen

clean kitchenOne of the more tedious chores done at home is cleaning up the kitchen. It must be done consistently, as a clean kitchen is a core part of food and cooking safety. Almost as an added insult, bigger kitchens require more time. So in the name of efficiency, here’s some quick points to make your kitchen clean and tidy without having to invest in a lot of cleaning appliances.

Focus on Wiping Surfaces

Wipe the kitchen windows and surface of small and large appliances using a wet cloth, then follow through with a dry cloth to complete the process. Old newspapers can be used to make glass surfaces clearer.

Clean the Refrigerator

This is the next big thing in the [..]Read More

The Key Differences Between Remodel and Renovation

You've reached a decision.  You want to do something to your home.  You want to make a change, and you've started researching different home improvement contractors.  The thing is, you have come across two different terms, and you're not sure about which one applies to you.  Are you thinking about a Florida kitchen or bath remodel?  Or are you considering renovations?  What's the difference?  You could easily argue that they're basically the same thing, they are both home improvements. This is right and wrong. Both are home improvements, but there are key differences between a remodel and a renovation.

Why the Distinction is Important

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Avoid to Keep Your Kitchen Timeless

Kitchen remodeling is a major project. The average high-end kitchen makeover costs over $53,000. With the potential high cost of a remodel, you want to make the most of your investment and its longevity. To ensure that you’re happy with the end result of your Florida kitchen remodel, purchase high-quality materials and pick styles that are timeless not trendy.

Before taking the first steps towards kitchen remodeling, you must assess why you want to remodel your kitchen in the first place. Are you selling your home and looking to increase its value? Is your kitchen old, outdated, and in dire need of an update? This decision will help you decide whether functionality or aesthetic is more important to you and how to efficiently tackle your remodeling proje[..]Read More

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