A house fire is a terrible thing that no one should have to experience. Dealing with the loss of your home and possessions can make you feel incredibly vulnerable, and getting back on your feet can be hard. Often times, fire damage in Orlando is only partial, which means that you have the ability to salvage part of your life instead of starting over from scratch. As relieving as it may be to find that you have not lost everything, certain risks to your home and possessions still exist after the fire is extinguished.

One of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner can make after a house fire is to immediately begin cleaning. With little to no understanding of the extent of the damage to the house, you may actually be doing more harm than good. Soot and smoke can linger in unseen places, and if exposed, can cause even more damage to the house’s structure, furniture, and other possessions. Much of the debris may still be hot and can burn anything it touches, including your skin.

Instead of stepping blindly into cleanup, your best option after a fire is to call in a fire damage repair professional in Orlando to help you assess the damage and to clean up. At Florida Catastrophe Corp., we provide damage evaluation, odor control, and even demolition and reconstruction if needed. When you bring FLA-CAT on the job after a house fire, you are not only taking steps to reclaim your life, but also minimizing the danger that you and your home may still be facing.

No one expects a house fire to happen, and there is never a preferred time for it to occur. That is why FLA-CAT offers 24-hour response service for fire damage repair in Orlando and cleanup. You should not have to wait to reclaim your life after a fire, and when you call us, you will not have to. The moment we receive the call, we will be on the way to your home, ready to help in any way we can. Our staff will immediately begin to assess the situation on arrival, and you can rest easy knowing that you will have your life back in no time.

If you have been the victim of a house fire, do not take any risks with the cleanup and repair. Call FLA-CAT at 855-352-2281, day or night, and take back your sense of security.

Does your family have an emergency house-fire plan? What would be your first step following a house fire? Share this post and tell us what you would do, we’ll let you know if your first instinct is the best first step in the house-fire recovery process.