Fire damage in Orlando is one of the most devastating things that can inflict your property. No matter how small the fire is, there will always be damage. To make sure that you have the best chance of getting help from your insurance company, the professionals at FLA-CAT have gathered some of the most important fire insurance claim tips out there:

Evaluate the Damage and the Loss

The first thing you should do after a fire is take stock of the damage. This should be done as soon as possible. Write up a list of everything damaged or destroyed. Be sure to take your time so you don’t miss anything.

Your impulse may be to immediately start cleaning up and tossing things away. Don’t do this! You need every bit of proof, keep everything as untouched as possible. Insurance companies are tricky to deal with, so the more proof you have, the better the chance of getting the insurance money you need.

File the Claim as Soon as Possible

Insurance companies have different priorities and may delay the claims process for various reasons. To avoid this, make sure you file the fire insurance claim quickly, and request that they start working on it immediately. This is especially important if your property is severely damaged and you need a place in which you and your family can stay.

Be sure to also keep receipts and a list of all your daily expenses while you are out of your home, these expenses may be covered under the terms of your policy. If you need to, ask for a cash advance against the total claim to cover the expenses of living away from home.

Get Expert Estimates

You should look for experts to give you the estimated value of the items you’ve lost. These experts will provide you with documents which you should keep as proof if any issues with the insurance company should arise.

An insurance company will reimburse you for either the current market value or the replacement cost of your lost item, depending on the terms of your coverage. Check your policy to understand your coverage, and keep receipts, photos, and professional assessment documentation.

Fire insurance claims can take a long time to be settled. You have to be patient and know that, as long as you’ve filed the claim in good time and provided your insurance company with all the right documents, you should have little problem getting the money you are entitled to. Although it can be heartbreaking to lose property in a fire, there are ways in which you can recuperate and start again.

Once you’ve contacted your insurance company, contact FLA-CAT, your fire damage repair experts in Orlando. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.