Florida is right in the path of many storms during hurricane season. The season, which lasts a number of months, can be a very stressful time for anyone residing in the sunshine state. To be sure that your property and your loved ones are as safe as possible, you need to get the right kind of hurricane and flood insurance for your area. This can protect you during a worst-case scenario.

Hurricane Insurance is Vital

Hurricanes are violent weather patterns that can easily damage your property. Houses have been completely destroyed by the powerful winds that hurricanes create, forcing people to rebuild or move.

Hurricane insurance gives you the appropriate coverage if this does occurs. Although it can be a horrible experience to go through, knowing you have the right insurance will give you the peace of mind to get on with your life. Without insurance, you will be required to pay for all the repairs out-of- pocket, adding to the stress of the entire situation. Don’t shoulder the costs of repairs on top of finding a temporary place to live; the better option is to get the right hurricane insurance.

Why Flood Insurance Matters

Many people in Florida assume that just because you have homeowner’s insurance and hurricane insurance, they have coverage against floods as well. This is not the case. Flood insurance is a completely different type of insurance that is not included to standard insurance plans in most areas of Florida.

Hurricanes bring with them torrential rains that can flood whole neighborhoods. Lakes and canals can overflow, putting nearby homes at risk. Although it may not seem like a flood can cause much damage, it is important to note that just an inch of water inside your home can weaken the house’s foundation, destroy appliances and other property, and possibly force you out of your own home. Floods can even cause electrical fires by short-circuiting cables. This can be extremely dangerous, and a costly repair without the assistance of flood insurance.

What You Should Do

When hurricane season approaches in Florida, you should make sure that all of your insurance information is up to date and in a safe place. If you don’t have flood insurance, contact the right insurance company to provide it for you before the season even starts.

There is always a chance that a large storm is headed Florida’s way during hurricane season, so don’t wait until the last minute to make the proper arrangements. By getting the right insurance, you will be giving yourself and your family the protection and peace of mind they deserve. The experts at Florida Catastrophe Corporation have over 30 years of experience in the insurance recovery industry and can act as a channel between companies and homeowners if your home suffers Florida water damage.  Visit our website to learn more.