When dealing with indoor fires, usually it’s the fire damage that is most readily visible and most concerning. While people are generally aware of the harmful effects of smoke on humans and our respiratory systems, they are not always aware of the many ways that smoke can actually harm a building.

The same harmful particles that affect human organisms negatively, like carbon monoxide, formic acid, methane and traces of heavy metals, can also significantly damage your home long after the firefighters have left. Take a look at some of the reasons why smoke damage should be taken as seriously as fire damage.

Smoke Damage Occurs Extremely Quickly

What begins as a little discoloration can end in thousands of dollars in restoration costs if not taken care of quickly. Things close to the fire, particularly plastics, will start visibly discoloring in mere minutes.

Any fiberglass or finished appliances will begin to show the effects of smoke damage within a few hours. In days, your walls, upholstery, clothes and carpet will show permanent discoloration. Your metals will tarnish and begin to corrode, and glass may become permanently etched. Ash from the fire is extremely acidic and causes more destruction the longer it remains on surfaces.

Damage Goes Beyond What You See

Smoke rises, and can actually migrate and travel through plumbing systems, air conditioning systems, small holes in walls, and so on. Often, smoke damage will be present in places where there was no fire. Sometimes, it will even affect the hidden cavities of a building, causing structural damage if not taken care of immediately. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate the entire structure, be it a single family home or an apartment building, and eliminate any leftover ash and soot immediately.

It’s Important to Call a Professional

Attempting to clean the remnants of a fire without the proper knowledge can actually result in more damage to your home and belongings. For example, did you know that picking up something affected by smoke makes its condition worse? The oils present in human skin react badly with toxic smoke residue, and you may not be able to notice the presence of either.

It is also necessary to be extremely thorough when removing ash and smoke residue. Ash can spread through an entire building easily, and for effective build-up removal, specialized cleaning products that will also neutralize any related odors are required.

At Florida Catastrophe Corporation, we have the knowledge, skills and materials to take care of smoke damage in your home quickly and professionally. We have experience with cleanup and restoration following all types of fires and can ensure the prevention of further damage. Contact us today for more information about our Florida fire damage repair services.