mold restorationSummer is not only about having a vacation in different places. Traveling to popular beaches and resort is a priority on our summer experience but what about when we got back home?

We always take the time to maintain our homes to very small details that we could possibly see. The aftermath of different climates creates molds that are something you don’t want to see everywhere so making a few steps to prevent it from growing is very essential.

It would help us prevents a bigger problem along the way, so stopping it before it grows on most probably at the initial stages can help us a big way to save us very precious investment.

Keeping Our House Clean

Keeping our house clean plays a big factor on making a healthy lifestyle and a clean environment. One of the main ingredients of molds is moisture. So once it attracts moisture, it can easily grow in a lot of places at home. Such places like on kitchen, walls, ceiling and on glass surfaces or on any places that it can hold on.

Having a regular cleaning can keep this area from growing molds. Used cooking oils, soaps bits, and specks of dirt can start to grow molds. Having these on your priority cleanup list will help you prevent molds from growing.

Maintaining Humidity

Humidity in our house plays a big factor since molds need water to grow. This can also play a bigger problem during summer times especially when humidity is high. It doesn’t matter when the moisture comes from inside or outside like water running on a faucet, cooking like boiling water or deep frying, showering and even taking a deep breath.

It is essential to clean all this or the least is to lessen the amount that it stays in our house. It only needs basic cleaning just like wiping away excessive moisture on surfaces and surroundings. It is also recommended to check regularly exhaust fans on kitchen and bathroom and kitchen to reduce moisture. A humidifier device is also recommended for people living in humid areas.

Controlling of Temperature

The Ideal temperature is between 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature need to be reached for the molds to grow. Temperature seems to be higher than normal at home during summer months. It is essential to maintain these temperatures during these periods of summer times. Having the thermostat set at around 70s would be more difficult for the molds to grow. So you should be cautious of your temperature at home regardless that you are inside or outside of your home.

Maintaining Air Circulation

Keeping air circulation inside of your home prevents mold from growing. Keeping vents open helps maintain the circulation inside of your house. And so by keeping our house clean, maintaining the humidity, controlling temperature and maintaining air circulation keeps you prevents mold from growing.